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The most legendary city of sports in the Alps

Kitzbuehel offers high class outdoor sport throughout the year. Skiing, golf, tennis and cycling are the traditional sports and have been built up over time. However, it is not a town to rest on its laurels and bask in past glories; Kitzbuehel continues to set new trends and looks forward to the future.
In recent decades Kitzbuehel has evolved dramatically. Its position as a location for major international events has been brought sharply into focus. The town is host to sporting events that draw in tens of thousands of spectators, watching history unfold in front of their eyes. In addition, millions more enjoy the television broadcasts that showcase these events around the world.
In Kitzbuehel, the hotels meet, and surpass, the highest of international standards. Particular attention and regard is given to beauty and wellness facilities, which have become synonymous with the entire region.
Kitzbuehel is also a centre of culinary and dining excellence. We have the largest amount of award winning chefs and restaurants in Tyrol, with many of the restaurants serving traditional Tyrolean dishes. 

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