Erhaben über dem Nebel die Bergstation des alten Steinbergkogel Sessellifts

Accessible Kitzbühel

Accessible travel

Be unrestricted in the heart of the Alps

For guests with disabilities who do not travel to Kitzbühel by car, we recommend using the services provided by ÖBB or Deutsche Bahn for accessible travel. This will ensure your journey here is as comfortable as possible.

Kitzbühel railway station offers barrier-free access and is not far from the town centre. Taxis are available right outside the station to take you to your accommodation, to excursion destinations or to the town centre.

Accessibility: Train station Kitzbühel

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Accessibility: Airport Salzburg

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Accessibility: Trips

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Kitzbüheler, die legendärste Sportstadt, magisch in jeder Saison

Holiday paradise 365 days of the year

Kitzbühel is always in season

Whether its the awakening of the flower world in the spring, the diverse active possibilities in the summer, the regional culinary delights in the autumn, the magical christmas time or the legendary winter – Kitzbühel is extraordinary in each season of the year.

Discover Kitzbühel's lifestyle

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