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Kitzbühel – a top destination that’s easy to reach

Kitzbühel and its holiday villages Reith, Jochberg and Aurach are located in the heart of the Kitzbüheler Alps. The town particularly stands out due to its multitude of highlights within walking distance.

With three train stations, its own taxi service, uncomplicated connections to nearby airports and an efficient public transport network, Kitzbühel really is located right at the heart of the Alps.

In fact, Kitzbühel is so accessible on foot that your car can stay parked at home. It also offers a number of excellent mobility options that allow you to relax and enjoy the mountains with no worries whatsoever.

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Getting around Kitzbühel does not require a car – a lot of the main spots are available on foot and the good mobility net takes care of the rest. Have a look at our Maps Kitzbühel to get a better feel for our destination.

A large number of taxis make the journey to and from Kitzbühel a piece of cake. Please be sure to confirm the price of your journey with your taxi driver before you set off. You can refer to the fare guide to work out how much your journey is likely to cost. Below you will find a list providing an overview of all taxi services.


Taxi services in Kitzbühel and the whole region


Andi’s Taxi • +43 (0) 664 2808465

Austrian Chauffeur Limousines

+43 (0) 699 13331331 (Preis auf Anfrage)

Taxi Brandstätter • +43 (0) 664 2052413

Taxi Filzer • +43 (0) 664 4040143

Kitz Taxi • +43 (0) 664 9762662

Kitz-Tours • +43 (0) 5356 6969

Irmgard Kollreider • +43 (0) 664 9854555

Taxi König • +43 (0) 664 1309182

Taxi Exclusiv • +43 (0) 699 12862208

Walter Oberlechner • +43 (0) 664 3817755

Taxi Bernd • +43 (0) 664 4303390

Taxi M1 • +43 (0) 699 17100474

Taxi Mike • +43 (0) 664 2301115

Taxi Mimm • +43 (0) 676 3142013

Taxi Monitzer • +43 (0) 664 4238540

Taxi Monitzer (Reith) • +43 (0) 5356 67200

Taxi Peter • +43 (0) 664 4132425

Taxi Schmidl • +43 (0) 664 9211669

Taxi Service (Felix Writz) • +43 (0) 676 4075495

Taxi Thomas, Limousine • +43 (0) 664 9502343

You should count with a Luggage Add-on. Fix the Price with the Taxi service before you start the journey and always ask for the bill.

Service times

Day: 6.00 – 19.00 Uhr
Night: 19.00 – 6.00 Uhr (Add-on 10 – 15%)

Fare guide for taxi journeys in and around Kitzbühel

From Kitzbühel toTaxi price for up to 4 peopleEllmauEUR 35,00
Hornbahn/HahnenkammbahnEUR 8,00 – 10,00KirchdorfEUR 35,00
InnercityEUR 8,00 – 10,00WestendorfEUR 35,00 – 40,00
FleckalmbahnEUR 15,00Pass ThurnEUR 45,00
AurachEUR 15,00PanoramabahnEUR 50,00
OberndorfEUR 18,00SöllEUR 60,00
ReithEUR 18,00WörglEUR 70,00
KirchbergEUR 20,00KufsteinEUR 75,00
BichlalmEUR 25,00Salzburg AirportEUR 160,00
JochbergEUR 25,00SalzburgEUR 185,00
St. JohannEUR 25,00Innsbruck AIrportEUR 180,00
WildparkEUR 25,00InnsbruckEUR 170,00
BrixenEUR 30,00Munich AirportEUR 280,00
Pengelstein SeilbahnEUR 30,00MunichEUR 220,00




The Kitzbühel region offers a well-developed network of regional buses and ski buses. You can view the schedules of the regional bus routes in the regional bus timetable.

You can use the ski buses for free with your valid KitzSki ski pass from the company Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel.

Free ski buses

In Kitzbühel, virtually everything is within walking distance and mobility options can be found in abundance, meaning that you can happily do without your car during your stay. For an initial overview of the town’s excellent accessibility, take a look at our Maps Kitzbühel.


More info

How to get to Kitzbühel and its holiday villages Reith, Aurach and Jochberg

With three train stations, taxi service, easy access to the surrounding airports and a functioning network of public transport you have a variety of travel options in the heart of the Alps.


By plane

From the airports of Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck airport shuttles bring guests in about 90 minutes the Gamsstadt.


Airport Munich: 160 km,


Airport Innsbruck: 95 km,


Airport Salzburg: 80 km,


Airport Shuttle

Four Seasons, Tel. +43 (0) 512 584157


By train

Kitzbühel has 3 train stations and thus offers a comfortable and resource-saving journey from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


ICE Direct connection

Carefree Train arrival
With the luggage transport of the ÖBB and DB the journey by train is even more convenient.
Book online now at:

 By car

The region Kitzbühel is conveniently located and close to the excursion to the provincial capitals in Tyrol and Salzburg.



80 km | ca. 1h30min



95 km | ca. 1h30min



125 km | ca. 1h30min



355 km | ca. 4h

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