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Current news around the Coronavirus

With the announcement of the state of Tirol on March 12, 2020, additional precautionary measures to curb and combat the spread of the corona virus have been implemented for all of Tirol.


All cable cars throughout the country will have their last day of operation on Sunday March 15, 2020.


Accommodations (hotels, apartments, private rooms etc.) will be closed on Monday, March 16, 2020.


Not affected: grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, animal feed, drugstores, post offices and other areas that are needed for supply.


This measures will be upheld until 13 April.


These comprehensive measures are carried out in close coordination between the authorities and Tirolean tourism. The health and safety of the Tirolean population, the employees of the country’s tourist businesses and guests from all over the world has top priority.

Last updated, 14.03.2020 – 1:00 p.m.


Below you will find an overview of the latest information and links on the corona virus

The spread and effects of the Covid-19 corona virus are constantly changing, we therefore recommend that you check the latest information on the official websites of the authorities:

:: Coronavirus in Tirol: The most important questions and answers by the Tirol Tourism Board

:: Federal Ministry Republic of Austria: Frequently Asked Questions

:: Advice for the public by the World Health Organisation

:: Travel advice by the World Health Organisation

Further Links and Hotlines

:: Health advice service: 1450 (from all over Austria at local rates)

:: Free 24 hrs hotline of the province Tirol: +43 800 80 80 30

:: For tourism companies, tour operators etc.: Coronavirus Infopoint of the WKO: + 43 5 90 099 4352, Infopoint_Coronavirus@wko.at and the ÖHV.


Attached you will find some information to reduce the risk of an infection:


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