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Streif Hahnenkamm Races

19. -24.01.2021

Hahnenkamm Races

The World’s most prestige Skirace

Every year the best athletes in the world head to the most legendary city of sports in the Alps to face the challenge of the spectacular Hahnenkamm races. With the ultimate highlight being the Streif downhill race and the slalom on the Ganslernhang, the legendary races took place for the impressive 81st time this year.

Saturday, 16 January

11.00 hrs Europacup Downhill Training Streif

Sunday, 17 January

11.00 hrs Europacup Downhill Training Streif
18.15 hrs Opening Race Week  

Monday, 18 January

11.00 hrs Europacup Downhill Streif
followed by Prize-Giving Ceremony – Europacup Downhill Race Building | Red Bull

Tuesday, 19 January

11.30 hrs Donwhill Training (Optional) Streif
15:00 hrs Longines Future Hahnenkamm Champions | Slalom Ganslern

Wednesday, 20 January

11.30 hrs 1st Downhill Training  (Optional) Streif
09:30 hrs Longines Future Hahnenkamm Champions | Giant Slalom Ganslern

Thursday, 21 January

11.30 hrs Final Downhill Training   Streif

Friday, 22 January

10.30 hrs Entertainment Finish Area
11.30 hrs HAHNENKAMM SUPER G Streif
18.00 hrs Draw Downhill Finish Area
18.30 hrs Prize Giving Ceremony – Super G Finish Area

Saturday, 23 January

10.30 hrs Entertainment Finish Area SL
14.00 hrs Kitz Charity Trophy Finish Area
18.00 hrs Draw Slalom Finish Area
18.30 hrs Prize Giving Ceremony Downhill Finish Area

Sunday, 24 January

10.00 hrs Entertainment Finish Area
10.30 hrs HAHNENKAMM SLALOM – 1st Run Ganslern
13.00 hrs Entertainment Finish Area
13:30 hrs     HAHNENKAMM SLALOM – 2nd Run Streif
followed by Prize Giving Ceremony Slalom Finish Area

Subject to change.

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In respect of the health of all participants and fans and due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, ticket sales for the 81st Hahnenkamm Races in January 2021 will be postponed until September 2020. The (non-binding) opportunity to express interest in purchasing special tickets (grandstand, VIP zone) is now possible via the Organizers, Kitzbühel Ski Club (K.S.C.), as the only valid ticket vendors. Official capacity restrictions are to be expected for all tickets and access areas. In the interest of our common well-being, we ask for your understanding – Hahnenkamm Race Organizing Committee.

– Kitzbühel Ski Club (K.S.C.)

>> Here you will find the latest information <<

More information and tips for local spectators can be found on the official Hahnenkamm Race page.

Furthermore if you have any questions, you can also contact us directly at +43 5356 66660 or

>> Here you will find the latest information <<

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Sport tradition meets alpine life

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The legendary Streif


Above all, the main focus of the traditional Hahnenkamm races is what is considered to be the world’s most challenging downhill ski race: the Streif. Over the past nearly 80 years, this course has been putting skiers to the ultimate test and pushing them to their limits, with only the best in the world able to succeed and claim victory. In short, millions of spectators in front of television screens all over the globe, from Asia to Europe and right across to America, and up to 100,000 fans at the event venue witness the event live and watch as legends are born. For professional skiers, a triumph in the downhill race in Kitzbühel is the highest of highs and equivalent to winning an Olympic gold medal.

You always need to know exactly what you are doing. That is what counts most down there.

Max Franz, Skiracer - Austria

With jumps stretching as far as 80 metres, steep slopes with gradients of up to 85 percent and speeds of up to 140 km/h, the Streif is truly one of a kind on the World Cup stage. Beginning at the start gate at an altitude of 1,665 metres above sea level, the course covers a total distance of 3,312 metres and 860 vertical metres down to the finish area at an altitude of 805 metres above sea level. When tackling the course, that is to say, the athletes reach an average speed of over 100 km/h. The course record is 1:51.58 minutes and was set by Fritz Strobl from the Austrian state of Carinthia in 1997. In conclusion, these are just some of the facts and figures that make the Streif the most difficult downhill ski race in the world. “I would like to congratulate everybody who’s made it down this run. I think we’re all mad!”, were the words of the five-time champion Didier Cuche from Switzerland, and perfectly sum up the feeling of conquering the Streif.

Local Hero Florian Oberacher von Skiservice KitzSport ueber seinen Beruf und Leidenschaft.

#localheroes stories from Kitzbühel


In our KitzBlog we reveal the most beautiful places for skiing, freeriding or ski touring in the KitzSki ski area and the impressive experiences off-piste, introduce the Kitzbüheler #localheroes, report on interesting events and share with you the best Tyrolean recipes and culinary tips from the Kitzbühel holiday region.

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Sommererlebnis Streif

An adventurous course along the Panorama Trail on the Hahnenkamm ridge conveys the fascination of Streif at first hand through active stations. Based on the key points of the original race track, the stations are also intended to make the Streif experience accessible in summer.

Streif Viewing

On 4 ultra-modern infotainment LCD portals – at the start house, the mousetrap, the entrance to the steep slope and at the Hausbergkante – incredible TV recordings and films from the archives of the Kitzbühel Ski Club impressively convey the challenge Streif. The start house of the Hahnenkamm Race is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

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