Erhaben über dem Nebel die Bergstation des alten Steinbergkogel Sessellifts
Kino in der Stadt

03.06. – 26.08.2021

KITZ Sommernächte

That summer night feeling in the centre of Kitzbühel

The “KITZ Sommernächte” are all about providing top entertainment in a wide variety of different fields, from music and theatre to film and even motorsports. Live concerts from all genres get visitors in the mood for the upcoming themes of the weekly events. At the “Cinema in the City” evenings, you can admire your favourite film stars in the friendly and relaxing atmosphere of Kitzbühel’s historic town centre. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of wine on one of our town-centre terraces, accompanied by the melodies of live music from stages located throughout the area.

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