Genusswandern in der Urlaubsregion Kitzbuehel, Tirol

The sparkling highlight of the year

New Year’s Fireworks

A sparkling shower of colour at the end of the Streif

Every New Year should be welcomed with an impressive firework display and the New Year’s Day celebrations in Kitzbühel are no exception. The only difference here is the timing, with bright lights not filling the sky until the evening of 1 January. When the time comes around, tens of thousands of spectators are treated to a truly spectacular visual extravaganza at the foot of the Streif downhill run. The evening begins with the Kitzbühel ski schools performing a varied torchlight descent that lights up the snow-covered winter landscape, followed by the impressive work of firework expert Armin Lukasser. The Tirolean Pyrotechnics World Champion knows exactly how to take aesthetic “explosions” and audio highlights that are as touching as they are electrifying and transform them into a fascinating show that captivates its audience for nearly 30 minutes. His fireworks are truly magical moments sparkling in the dark night sky.

Firework events are not only held in Kitzbühel but also in the holiday villages of Jochberg and Reith. In fact, these three firework displays within three days represent a new record in Tirol.


Reith, 30 December from 6pm
Ski & fun party with a demonstration by young ski school students followed by a firework display on the ski slope


Jochberg, 31 December from 4:30pm
New Year’s Eve party with a firework display and entertainment programme at the Wagstättbahn gondola station


Kitzbühel, 1 January from 5:30pm
Ski show with the “Rote Teufel” (Red Devils) and “element3” ski schools followed by a musical firework display by the World Fireworks Champion Armin Lukasser

The event kicks off on the Rasmusleiten ski slope at 5:30pm with entertaining presentations, interviews and music. This is followed by a traditional torchlight descent as Kitzbühel’s ski schools welcome in the year 2021.
In a nod to Kitzbühel’s many international guests, a colourful flag parade then takes place, featuring the young skiers from the Kitzbühel Ski Club. After this, Signe Reisch, the president of Kitzbühel Tourist Information takes to the stage to welcome both visitors and the New Year.
The absolute highlight of the event is the fireworks extravaganza by the World Fireworks Champion Armin Lukasser. This master pyrotechnician launched his career in Kitzbühel by hosting his first grand firework display in the town on 1 January 1997. He has remained true to the town ever since, creating fascinating images and touching emotions with his displays in Kitzbühel year after year.

Did you know that the New Year’s firework display has been taking place in Kitzbühel since 1955? The idea was the brainchild of legendary ski school director Karl Koller. He realised that guests in Kitzbühel were invited to a multitude of parties and events on New Year’s Eve and that the evening of New Year’s Day would, therefore, be the ideal time to put on a big firework display. Looking back today, it has to be said: this was indeed a visionary idea.

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