22.05. - 24.05.2019

Start into the hiking season

Let us start into the Kitzbühel hiking summer together

Experience together with us the most beautiful and rewarding hiking highlights at the hiking weekend to start of the hiking season. A great opportunity to experience the diverse offer of the Kitzbühel mountains in a compact way and to get enough inspiration for your next hiking holiday.

From the legendary “Streif”-hike with ski star Marco Bühel, the KAT Walk hike with austrian mountaineering legend Peter Habeler, to the quiet summit crossing in our southern mountains, there is something for every hiker’s heart. Our mountain guides lead you free of charge to the most beautiful places in Kitzbühel. Have your equipment tested at our test site at the Hahnenkamm mountain station, or get inspiration for hiking equipment and hiking.

22.05. | KAT Walk hike with Peter Habeler

23.05. | Streif-Viewing with Marco Büchel & the big hike EXPO at the Hahnenkamm

24.05. | #kitzwalk hike

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… you can watch an old dragon hiking in Jochberg?

… the Streif goes up in the summer?


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