Genusswandern in der Urlaubsregion Kitzbuehel, Tirol


Tips for going “out” in Kitzbühel

Having a glass or two is part and parcel of life.

Ideally after work on a Friday, to wind the week down and ring in the weekend.  

Our night kicks off in the Hillinger Bar

Hillinger Wein Bar is only a stone’s throw from the office, where you can toast the forthcoming weekend with a glass of Secco Rose. Ideal, because there are plenty of delicious options here for the lighter appetite. All have ordered – now to mull over the itinerary for Saturday’s easy ski tour. Weather dependent, not too early and certainly not too long. This evening could last a little longer….

After a few suggestions such as Bichlalm or the Wildalm, we agree on a gentle, relaxed ski tour to the Kitzbüheler Horn. We take the ski lift from Hornbahn to the intermediate station at “Adlerhütte”, at around 1200 m and head from there alongside the ski slope on touring skis to the Hornköpfelhütte at around 1760 meters. Over the Lärchenhang, steep but still feasible, followed by a walk through the “Pletzerwald”, which is much easier. It takes around an hour to traverse to the “Alpenhaus”, from where the route gets a little steeper across the slope to “Hornköpfelhütte” – and the promise of a portion of traditional “Kaiserschmarren” for all. No sooner said than done, we toast to another successful day on the mountain, before trading places with another bar.  


Londoner Pub

We head on to the “Londoner Pub”, also just a few steps from the town centre, for a spot of après-ski. Time to celebrate! Young and old alike come together here after skiing. Live music is on and beer drunk from the bottle tastes that extra bit special. After making some shapes on the dance floor, it is warm and getting late. My friends want to catch a breather and find other places to go. And it’s only a hop skip and a jump across the street to Reisch Bar. 


Reisch Bar

A glass of white wine on order at the bar, and a warm welcome from those we know. A toast to a happy New Year, life doesn’t get better than this. The previous weeks in the city have been crazy, with lot’s going on. Thankfully, the snow came in good time. The main thing is that everyone is happy. After a quick holiday appraisal, we get back to the serious business of dancing. People are in a good mood and having fun. And it is still not too late to move on to Fünferl…



Only 5 meters away from the Reisch Bar, our evening continues in Fünferl. It is packed in the bar but not to worry, the mood is great. We have already managed to catch the likeable waiter’s eye and ordered. “Gsundheit” we cheer, tomorrow will be an awesome day. The promise of sunshine – I am so looking forward to spending tomorrow on the mountain with my friends! Important note to self – I must take part in more sport after the Christmas break. Oh, my song has come on – I must hit the dance floor again! A bit of a squeeze for space, but everyone is up dancing. Thinking about it, however, we have made plans for tomorrow and it is already getting late. Still time for a change of scene, though, with the next stop at Jimmy’s in Kitzbühel’s “Hinterstadt”.



A young male guest is celebrating his birthday in Jimmy’s and greeted with loud applause. It almost feels like Christmas, when a large bottle with sparklers is carried through the bar. Everyone sings along to his birthday serenade. A fantastic atmosphere, however two friends would prefer somewhere a little more sedate for their nightcap and decide to head across the street to the “Glockenspiel” Bar.

Nightcap in the Glockenspiel

After taking a deep breath, last drinks are ordered at the bar. The earlier anticipation of our Kitzbüheler Horn ski venture slowly ebbs away, and it’s really time for bed. We get together far too seldom and it would be a shame if we missed out on the morning. So we hurry to the taxi rank and head off home. Let’s meet tomorrow at 10 hrs at the Hornbahn lift and don’t be late. I cannot wait!  

credit: Leo Hillinger

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