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    mountain 80 cm

Johann Grander

Grander was born on 24 April 1930, the second of five children. He spent a meagre childhood and had to quit his school days prematurely - The Second World War had begun. The Nazi leadership circle took him out of school at 13 years old and used him as a tractor driver in agriculture. Secondary education was denied to Johann Grander. The term "water vitalisation recovery" has become a much cited and commonly used term. Johann Grander himself was the one who gave this name to his method of "water treatment". He found by looking under the microscope he could see changes in the behaviour of micro-organisms when he had treated water with his method.

Johann Grander succeeded in improving the water structure to create a new, healthy environment that was beneficial to microorganisms in healthy water and it could always be available. To recognize the 'health police of the water ", it was necessary to work under a microscope with very high resolutions. The micro-organisms in a single drop are varied and perform important functions in relation to the self-purification in water. In the early days of water revitalization, friends and idealists flocked to Johann Grander and supported him. No one, not even Johann Grander himself reckoned on recovering the money that was invested.

Even so, the number of users grew daily.

In 1978, the father of 8 children, decided to devote himself exclusively to his research and experiments. For the first time in his life thought he could recoup some money as more people become familiar with his inventions. Without capital, but with a lot of motivation and love for his work, he founded a year later, the predecessor of today's Grander Water revitalization. It was a hard and testing time for the Grander family. Often he had to find money to pay back loans he took out on urgently needed tools and repayments built up. The most important tool - the microscope - was repaid after a few years but the family pulled together and came over their financial constraints.

Johann Grander water has found a special effect which is used today in many different areas, from private applications to highly technical industrial cooling circuits. So for 100,000 users around the world, the Grander Water has become an essential, daily companion.

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