Erhaben über dem Nebel die Bergstation des alten Steinbergkogel Sessellifts

Active Course for the whole family

Sommererlebnis Streif

Sommererlebnis Streif | Active Course for the whole family

9 active stations | 2 km | 100m cumulative elevation gain

The Streif racetrack, probably the most challenging course of the Alpine Ski World Cup, captivates the ski world anew every year. Covering a length of 3,312 metres at 860 metres above sea level, the Streif is peppered with key sections that can now also be experienced playfully in summer – great fun for the whole family!

World Cup feeling of a special kind!

Gerli the little mountain goat, Mascot Streif Summer Experience

A thrilling course with nine active stations along the Panorama Trail on Mount Hahnenkamm gives young fans a close-up glimpse of all the action on the Streif. Based on the nine key sections of the original racecourse, these obstacles demand skill, endurance and balance of their vanquishers.

A visit to Streif Summer Experience is twice as much fun when accompanied by “Gerli“ the little mountain goat. Just drop by at Kitzbühel tourist information offices to pick up your brochure and head off on an exciting journey of discovery.

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Over a slackline and a green climbing net we go to the Starthaus. 3 – 2 – 1, get into the grey tube slide and with momentum down the Startschuss. Body tension is needed to overcome the individual balance obstacles at Mausefalle. On the Karussell, the sense of balance is put to the test with the balance wire rope, before a little effort is required to climb down the colourful climbing course. At Steilhang an oversized red climbing net is waiting to be conquered. The path continues to Brückenschuss, a narrow suspension bridge, whose crossing requires courage and balance. Halftime is announced at the Seidlalmsprung. The playful station with giant swing, trampoline, climbing station, wooden hammocks and water feature invites you to linger. Arriving at the Hausbergkante, a huge swing in the middle of a grey arch is waiting to swing to airy heights. Things get shaky in the Traverse, where bumpy obstacles are overcome step by step. For the finale of the eventful courses, a final adrenaline rush awaits at the Zielsprung: over the red tube slide, the riders race to the finish line. What an experience!

The Streif summer experience was realized with the support of regio3. Among other things, regio3 regional management focuses on promoting summer tourism projects as part of an all-year strategy.

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