Erhaben über dem Nebel die Bergstation des alten Steinbergkogel Sessellifts


Georg runs even when it hails “Schuastabuam”!

“Shoemaker” is how Georg is affectionately called by his friends. We are happy to introduce you to another personality from our #LocalHeroes series.


He is an absolute nature boy and one of the last shoemakers here in Kitzbühel. Already in 4th generation he lives out his passion in this craft. He learned it from his grandfather and father at an early age. For him it was already clear as a child that he would become a shoemaker!  

The shoemaking is a passion

Georg grew up in an extended family of 6 siblings as the youngest and is constantly out and about in nature, by the lake and in the mountains. Already as a 4 year old he went on his first ski tour. His love for nature and movement has remained, running in and around Kitzbühel is another of Georg’s passions. Anyone who shares his enthusiasm for running is welcome to experience this again at his weekly running meetings, in autumn. 

When it rains, when it snows – even when it hails “Schuastabuam” – we are running

We know Georg as a real nature boy, he jumps all year round in the Schwarzsee, no matter what the temperature is. And when he’s not in his workshop, then you meet Georg on the mountain. Walking or running, preferably in the Kitzbühel Grasberge, where he knows almost every corner. There is no summit on which he has not already been on top.   

Being in the mountains – that is pure emotion

His repair shop with the sports shop is small but nice. The cobbler’s shop in Florianigasse has been around for 100 years. At that time, shoemaking was a flourishing business in Kitzbühel – there were 10 shoemakers in Kitzbühel alone.

Georg’s great-grandfather, who was stuck on the rolling mill in Kitzbühel, recognised the potential and opened a shoemaker’s shop for made-to-measure products. This laid the foundation stone for a family business that has lasted over 4 generations. The fact that the workshop still exists today is thanks to the foresighted nature of the family Überall, who were always ahead of their time: Georg’s father had already converted to a repair workshop at the time and Georg also reacted to the changes and built up a specialist mountain sports shop next door. 

Yes, the shoemaking has a little to do with running, because the shoe must fit

He is happy to pass on his knowledge as a former mountain rescuer and his enthusiasm for alpine mountain sports in the shop and in alpine seminars. It is important to him that people move safely and respectfully in the mountains.


#LocalHeroes from Kitzbühel

It is the people who make Kitzbühel and its holiday villages of Reith, Aurach and Jochberg so special. These are exactly the personalities we are talking about in our “LocalHeroes” series, in which the true heroes of our region are put in the spotlight. They probably would never call themselves heroes, but they are: Because it is only through their passion for what they do that we can all experience the unique Kitzbühel lifestyle.

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We are Kitzbühel


It is the people who make Kitzbühel and its holiday villages of Reith, Aurach and Jochberg so special.


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To our #LocalHeroes

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