Kitzbühel Regular Guests Club

… a club for our regular guests was founded in Kitzbühel in 1976?

… our Regular Guests Club is the only one of its kind in Austria?

… the Kitzbühel Regular Guests Club has about 10,000 members?

… members of the Regular Guests Club come from over 40 countries?

… the board of the Regular Guests Club is elected every 2 years?

… Regular Guests Club meetings are held in Kitzbühel every year?

… even our regular guest members from Japan, Bahamas, Australia, Mexico, Brazil etc. regularly come to Kitzbühel for a summer retreat or a skiing holiday?

… there are members who have been coming to Kitzbühel regularly for more than 70 years?

… our youngest member is 10 and our oldest member 100 years old?

…. we have weekly Regulars’ Awards all year round?

… you can already be accepted into this exquisite club from your 10th stay?



You can become a member of the Regular Guests Club from 10 stays. We count your stays twice a year.
You will receive the following gifts as part of a guest honour:

10 stays: bronze & cup & photo of the honoured guests

15                                    Silver & wooden board & photo of the honoured guests

20                                    Gold & Kitzbühel Photo & photo of the honoured guests

30                                    Gold with diamond & Markus Mitterer photo book & photo of the honoured guests

40                                    Alfons-Walde picture & photo of the honoured guests

50                                    Handmade jug with painted chamois & photo of the honoured guests

60                                    Gift & photo of the honoured guests, etc.




Founded: 20 October 1976
President: Uwe Platz
Board: President, Vice-Presidents and Ambassadors with their own Association Statutes
Members: approx. 10,000
When can I become a member? From 10 stays (this can be 10 years, or twice a year over 5 years, because stays only count twice a year)
Honours: please register your guests with Kitzbühel Tourismus | Honours take place throughout the year | Businesses can also honour their guests ‘in house’
Guest tribute: the official ceremony takes place every Thursday at 4:30 pm. We can also arrange an appointment on another day.
Regular guest meeting: a regular guest meeting is organised every year.
Contact person Kitzbühel Tourismus: Nicoletta Plumm | | 0043 5356 6666015




Uwe Platz

Vice presidents

Eileen Kiely
Stephan Zimmermann
Sighard Rainer
Peter Bruckmüller
Constantin Papageorgiou
Reiner Dietz
Anne Geiler
Fernando Graziani
Elke Evens
New Zealand
Russel Caton
Great Britain
Richard Ihns

Lex van Rijn


Lisa Jackson
Great Britain
 Paul Wiedemann
Andreas Schmid
 Hugh S. Ripps
Dimitri Nikolaev
Uno Hellgren
Rauli Välimäki
Yasushi & Noriko Kono
Marlyse Bräuner
Nancy & Mark Schouten
Renate & Ingenieur Walter Oberneder
Graziella & Carlos Zambrano
Sarah & Ward Narinx-Roten
Ferdinand Platz
Janet & Richard Ihns
Sandra & Ronald Ihns
Kirsten Stendahl
Veronica & Robert Watson
Great Britain
Veronica & Robert Watson
Great Britain
Göran Bronz
Ane & José Castaneda​
Tanuta & Walerian Soerensen Rogaczewski
Rene Obbels​
Lionel Pfister​
South Africa
Valérie Meyvaert
Heidrun Olinto

Hannes Johnsson

(youngest Ambassador)


Marie Thérèse Winling




“Celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Kitzbühel Regular Guests Club and my election as its president during this anniversary year are truly unforgettable moments for me,” said Uwe Platz, President of the Regular Guests Club.


“I consider it a great honour to preside over this renowned club with its many thousands of international members, all expressing their adoration for Kitzbühel. I am delighted to carry out this task.” Uwe Platz



We Kitzbühel residents are proud that guests from all over the world spend their holidays in our region and make use the wonderful area for entertainment and recreation.

Many of them have formed a very special bond to the town and to locals, which is why Kitzbühel fans are drawn to their favourite place year after year. Kitzbühel’s tourism pioneers recognised this devotion many decades ago and the 1st International Regulars Club was founded.

You can become a member from 10 stays in the region.
As a thank you for your loyalty to the region, you will receive a membership card, a badge of honour and a souvenir gift.

Once a year, Kitzbühel Tourismus invites its members, our esteemed Kitzbühel Ambassadors, to an unforgettable meeting of regular guests.




Our regular guest coordinator Nicoletta Plumm looks forward to hearing from you and to personally presenting you with a
Kitzbühel loyalty pin after registration.

Please send an email with information about your previous stays to or contact us by phone at +43 5356 66660-15

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the  Kitzbühel Regular Guests Club!




The honours ceremonies

The weekly Regular Guest Club honours are always especially joyful occasions!

Honours take place every Thursday.


It is a special occasion, every time we say “THANK YOU” to a guest for many years of loyalty the Gamsstadt.


In these fast moving times, it can’t be taken for granted
that our guests continue come to our region year after year, in summer and in winter, to attend courses or for longer stays — sometimes several times a year.




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