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Sport in Kitzbühel

Climbing centre Kitzbühel

Climbing fun whatever the weather

Climbing is not only a physical challenge, it also requires a strong mental attitude in order to successfully conquer the routes. The climbing centre in Kitzbühel gives beginners, advanced climbers and professionals the chance to scale walls with varying levels of difficulty – in a safe setting and whatever the weather.

The climbing walls cover an area of 850 square metres and reach heights of up to 17 metres, providing plenty of space for training. With no risk of falling stones, crumbling rocks, long ascents or poor weather conditions, the climbing centre is a safe option for visitors new to the world of climbing who want to give it a go on different practice walls, always under the watchful eyes of the centre’s climbing coaches.

The low-dust climbing centre not only contains a main wall with overhangs of up to seven metres but also three climbing towers and a bouldering zone with 100 m² of bouldering walls. The 80 to 100 different routes, which are changed on a regular basis, cover all levels of difficulty.

The climbing centre is equipped for hosting international competitions and can be hired out for tournaments, training sessions or other events.

The centre also offers regular taster sessions, climbing courses and training for children and young people.

Climbing shoes, sit harnesses, belay devices, etc. can be hired for a fee from the Sport 2000 Etz Pro Shop at the Sportpark.

Kletterhalle Kitzbühel

Sportfeld 1

6370 Kitzbühel

T: +43 5356 20225


Radfahren in Kitzbühel, egal ob Roadbike, Mountainbike, Trail oder Rad-Wandern.

The most legendary sports town in the Alps

Kitzbühel = Sport

We Kitzbühelers love sports. It is not for nothing that we are called the most legendary sports town in the Alps. Whether skiing, golfing, running, cycling, hiking or trail running – in Kitzbühel we know all about active recreation.

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