Genusswandern in der Urlaubsregion Kitzbuehel, Tirol

Cycling in Kitzbühel


A relaxing ride through Kitzbühel’s mountain landscape

In recent years, e-biking has become the ultimate trend, and with good reason! Electric bikes offer everyone the opportunity to explore our landscape at their own pace and in line with their own requirements. The additional power provided by the battery allows cyclists of all ages to enjoy long and relaxing bike tours. Kitzbühel also forms part of the world’s largest e-biking region, with more than 80 different destinations accessible via e-bike from the town. From leisurely trekking tours right through to mountain bike tours followed by a downhill trail, our region offers unlimited fun for all kinds of e-bikers. The extensive network of battery exchange stations means that even if your battery starts to tire, you can continue your journey at full power within just a few minutes.

An impressive total of 15 partners offer e-bike services in Kitzbühel alone: seven hotels hire out e-bikes to their guests, three sports shops in Kitzbühel hire out e-bikes to both locals and visitors and also offer services such as e-bike sales and servicing and five tourist attractions are also home to battery exchange stations. Cycling enthusiasts can pedal their way to more than 80 different destinations in the Kitzbühel Alps. Many of these places also replace empty batteries with fresh batteries for free.


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