Hiking tips in and around Kitzbühel and its surrounding holiday villages

The most beautiful hikes

Out and about in one of the most impressive mountain landscapes in the Alps

Whether it’s a leisurely stroll, an idyllic hike or a challenging alpine tour: in Kitzbühel and its surrounding holiday villages of Reith, Aurach and Jochberg, you don’t have to put in an extreme sporting performance to discover this dazzling mountainous world. But you can, if you want to. Every mountain and every summit has its own character – the gentle Kitzbühel Südberge mountains, the striking Kitzbüheler Horn mountain and famous Hahnenkamm mountain. Each of them is beautiful in its own way just like each of the villages.

Four towns and the four sides to the greater Kitzbühel area

While Kitzbühel is all about stories and legends, Aurach focuses on the more traditional, quieter side of Kitzbühel.

Reith emerges as a haven for enjoyment and family time, while Jochberg is the place to discover water and purity.

Kitzbühel inspires everyone with breathtaking nature, fresh air, lots of sport, culture and tradition. For decades, the town has been one of the top international destinations in the Alps all year round. Hiking in Kitzbühel is an experience for all the senses, 365 days a year.

Discover Kitzbühel – 750 Years of the “Gamsstadt”

The Kitzbühel tour starts from the hiking start point in Legends Park, close to the town centre. From there, the tour heads in the direction of the Hahnenkammbahn cable car to the municipal park. Through Jochberg Gate and Kitzbühel Vorderstadt, the route takes hikers to the parish church of St. Andreas, then along the Jenewein Passage through Kitzbühel Hinterstadt, returning to the starting point in Legends Park.


Refreshment stops: numerous restaurants and cafés in the town centre

Route length: 1.5 km | ↗ 33 m | ↘ 32 m

Kitzbüheler Horn – Alpine Flower Panorama

This impressive tour starts at the valley station of the Kitzbüheler Hornbahn cable car. From there, the Hornbahn I and the Horn Gipfelbahn cable cars take you straight to the mountain station at around 2,000 m above sea level. A small ascent to the viewing tower will guarantee you a unique 360° view. The route continues to the Hornkapelle chapel, along the kids’ climbing path to the entrance of the Alpine Flower Garden. Surrounded by splendid flowers in a class of their own, the trail continues on towards Hornköpflsee lake to the so-called “Weaner Stadt”. After ascending to the Hochetzkogel, the route leads straight to the final stop, the Bichlalm mountain station, but not before refreshing your feet in the Kneipp pool.


Refreshment stops: Gipfelhaus, Alpenhaus, Hornköpflhütte, Lämmerbichlalm, Bichlalm

Route length: 8.5 km | ↗ 376 m| ↘ 731 m

Reith lies at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range and stands out thanks to its sporting yet traditional character, and breathtaking views across the surrounding mountains. Summer offers a whole host of opportunities for discovery, from the golf course and Schwarzsee lake to hiking and biking routes.


Round Reith tour – An Adventure for all the Family

Starting at Reitherwirt inn, the tour continues via Kitzbühel Country Club and on to Auhäusl. Carrying on towards Hennleiten, you reach Griesbachhof in only a few minutes. The route leads past the drinking water supply system in Reith to the Keilhuber farmhouse. From there, the route heads to the parish church “Zum heiligen Ägidius” and back to the start point at Reitherwirt.


Refreshment stops: Reitherwirt inn

Route length: 2.7 km | ↗ 32 m |↘ 31 m



Bichlach tour – Ponds of Paradise

Starting from the Wiesenweg path in Reith, head off in the direction of Elsenstätt, where the first benches invite you to stop awhile. Be sure to take in the unique view of Reith, the Kitzbühel Südberge mountains and the famous Hahnenkamm mountain. Continue on to three ponds – Gieringer Weiher, Vogelsberger Weiher and Hasenberg Weiher – before reaching Hörpfing farm, as well as the Lehen stables. The Rettenberg is also a real highlight along this route, offering a 360° view as well as a quiet little spot among green space that will lure you into a state of relaxation. From there, follow the signs to Kohlhofen and Hausermühle. Then, head through the Hauserwald, on to the church and then back to the hiking start point.


Refreshment stops: Waldbad Gieringer Reitherwirt, Café Neumayr

Route length: 9.1 km | ↗ 286 m | ↘ 299 m

Kitzbühel’s holiday village of Aurach showers you with gifts of sunshine and cultural sights, while Aurach wildlife park is well worth a visit – for young and old alike. The excellent location at the foot of the Kitzbühel Südberge mountains attracts enthusiastic hikers and is therefore a true insider’s tip.


Aurach tour – Tracking Down Traditions

The route leads from the hiking start point in Aurach to Hallerwirt Erbhof farm. We recommend visiting the parish church of St. Rupert. Carrying on towards Sonnbergweg, you will come across another Erbhof farm, the Hof Bachern. Finally, go through Aschbach to get back to the start point.


 Refreshment stops: Hallerwirt, Alpenhof

Route length: 4.9 km | ↗ 193 m | ↘ 193 m



Gamsroas tour – Experience Nine Peaks

This 9-peak tour starts from the Pochwerk car park (Kelchalm ruins). The route continues via Bochumer Hütte to the first peak, the Laubkogel. From there, the trail follows the ridge towards Hahnenkampel, Rauber and Saalkogel. Ascending to the fifth summit – the Tristkogel – you’re guaranteed a unique view of the surrounding mountains. After enjoying light refreshments at the Toralm, head uphill towards Torsee to Teufelssprung. The seventh peak, the Gamshag, leads on to the Kleiner Schütz as well as the Schützkogel (Großer Schütz). The descent goes past the Schlichtenalm and the Niederkaseralm, before returning to the start point at the Pochwerk.


Refreshment stops: Kelchalm (Bochumer Hütte), Toralm (open from 25/07 – 25/08/2019)

Route length: 17.7 km | ↗ 1529 m |↘ 1531 m

Jochberg attracts hiking enthusiasts year after year since it is undoubtedly a gem of nature. While the dominating element of water invites you to discover all its facets, hikers will most certainly get their money’s worth.


Jochberg Water Trail – A Refreshing Dream

The Jochberg gorge tour starts from the hiking start point in the centre of Jochberg. The route leads over the Martenhof to the Antlass fountain, part of the Seven Fountains Trail. It then continues on to the valley station of Wagstättbahn cable car. From there, it carries on to the “Vorderkünstler” farmhouse museum via Hanslerhof farm. The museum provides you with an opportunity to learn about agricultural equipment and look back at Jochberg’s history. The tour returns to its start point via the Jochberg Waldschwimmbad outdoor pool.


Refreshment stops: Krimbacher butcher’s shop, s’Amtl

Route length: 4.1 km | ↗ 174 m |↘ 174 m



Sintersbach Waterfall – The Magic of Water

The tour starts from the Schradlern hiking start point in Jochberg and heads to the impressive Sintersbach waterfall. In a little over an hour on foot, you will reach this gem of nature before continuing on to the Jochberger Wildalm. After enjoying some light refreshments, hike along the Drachensteig trail to get back to the Schradlern start point.


Refreshment stops: Jochberger Wildalm (open from mid-May to mid-October)

Route length: 9.2 km | ↗ 701 m | ↘ 700 m

Hiking in the countryside is probably one of the most beautiful things you can do.

Erika Hubatschek, Austrian photographer and folklorist

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