Erhaben über dem Nebel die Bergstation des alten Steinbergkogel Sessellifts
Eines der ueber 1000 Wanderwege in Kitzbuehel entdecken - Sintersbacher Wasserfall - Magie des Wandern.

Theme hiking trails

The extensive network of hiking trails opens up Kitzbühel and its holiday villages in a variety of ways.
There are exciting hiking trails through fragrant coniferous forests, wide panoramic paths through the Kitzbühel Grasberge mountains, challenging trails with varied routes to the highest peaks in the area and challenging via ferratas in the Kitzbühel South Mountains. Constant companion is a unique view that is only limited by the horizon.


Do you want to explore new avenues?

It does not always have to be the challenging mountain tour. Rediscover Kitzbühel and its holiday villages on easy hikes and spontaneous walks. Along the way you can learn more about the history of the chamois town or discover well hidden secret places.

Well developed paths, short distances and moderate differences in altitude make it possible for families with children and elderly people to explore the wonderful nature on foot.


Kitzbühel: Das Wanderparadies im Herz der Alpen, Wanderurlaub und Genusswandern in Kitzbühel

more than 1,000 km of hiking pleasure

Hiking trail network

Touring portal

Reach the peaks and collect your pins!

Summit Lynx - the digital hiking pin

Digital Hiking Pin:
The digital form of the classic touring book

With the digital hiking pin you can plan and document your hiking successes on the Smartphone. With the SummitLynx App summit successes can be shared with other users of the app as well as in the social media. In addition, you can also get the coveted special hiking pins of Kitzbühel Tourism with your summit successes.

  • Alpine hikes
  • Water hikes
  • Culinary hikes

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Local Heroes - Lisi von Hahnenkammstueberl bereitet Ihren legendaeren Mossbeerschwarm vor.

#localheroes stories from Kitzbühel


In our KitzBlog we reveal the most beautiful places to go hiking in Kitzbühel and the impressive experiences on the bike, introduce the Kitzbüheler #localheroes, talk about interesting events and share with you the best Tyrolean recipes and culinary tips in the holiday region Kitzbühel.

To the KitzBlog

Hiking paradise Kitzbühel

In keeping with this motto, Kitzbühel’s hiking offers a variety of routes and hikes for everyone.

Thanks to the well signposted hiking trails, the region can be explored on your own without any problems. The interactive touring portal makes it easy to prepare your hiking pleasure – route options, distances, degrees of difficulty and elevation profiles can be called up. However, those who prefer to hike in company are cordially invited to join the daily guided and free hikes offered by Kitzbuehel Tourism to the most beautiful places in the region.

From panoramic hikes with lifts, wonderful hut hikes to challenging summit tours, the region offers unspoilt nature with a stunning panorama. For young hikers, Kitzbühel and its holiday villages offer exciting family hikes for young and old. During the summer months, refreshing water hikes provide a pleasant cooling off.

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