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Hiking in the heart of Tirol: Kitzbühel & surroundings

The Kitzbühel region (with its surrounding holiday villages Reith, Jochberg and Aurach) is a quality-tested hiking destination surrounded by the jaw-dropping scenery of the Kitzbühel mountains. It is also the gateway to exploring the Hahnenkamm, Kitzbüheler Horn and Südberge mountains. Best of all, the extensive network of hiking trails ensures the area’s compelling diversity. If you love fresh mountain air, take advantage of the more than 1,000 km of signposted and well-maintained hiking trails in the valleys and on the mountains. With so much to explore, deciding where to start may seem challenging. Why not let us be your guide? Join one of our guided hikes and let us show you the way!


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Hahnenkamm Mountain Huts Tour

Route length: 6.8 km | ↗ 413 m

This hike is a great way to combine your passions for exercise and delicious food while enjoying fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The first leg of the journey takes you to the top of the Hahnenkamm mountain via gondola lift. Once at the top, you can then hike comfortably from hut to hut. Starting from Hochkitzbühel, hike to the Melkalm mountain hut. Continue on to Hochbrunn via a beautiful forest path and then to the Ehrenbachhöhe and the Sonnenrast restaurant, which is an ideal place to linger. After enjoying good food and drink, head down to the reservoir lake to cool your tired feet in the dedicated Kneipp pool. This final stop of the tour is also a true highlight as it features wide-ranging views of the Kaisergebirge, Loferer and Leoganger Steinberge mountain ranges in addition to the scenic panorama of the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain.

Hiking guide tip:


For those with a bit left in the tank after hiking from hut to hut, we recommend descending along the Streif. Thanks to display monitors placed at the key sections along the way, you’ll get a feeling for just how challenging this racing slope really is – even in the middle of summer! Information about the origins of the legendary Hahnenkamm race is also provided along the way. But beware: the descent is quite a challenge!


Kitzbüheler Horn mountain pasture circuit

Those who prefer a shorter hike can instead head over to the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain. The summit of this panoramic mountain is easily accessible via the Hornbahn cable car where the descent to the Hornköpflhütte mountain hut begins. Hikers along this stretch will enjoy panoramic views the entire way. On a clear day, for instance, 70 three-thousand-metre peaks ranging from the Kitzbühel mountains to the northern Kalkalpen and Hohe Tauern ranges are truly magnificent to behold. As this hike leads past the Horn reservoir, there are also plenty of opportunities for refreshment. The lakeside area boasts a Kneipp pool and inviting sun loungers that are ideal to relax and unwind. From here, you can take in the surrounding mountain views in tranquillity. The final descent leads down to the Alpenhaus mountain restaurant where delicious refreshments await. This is also where you can access the cable car back into the valley below.


Hiking guide tip:


We highly recommend visiting the Alpine Flower Garden on the way down to the Hornköpfl mountain hut. The many flowers on display are truly impressive!



‘Vertical Up’ training

The Streif is the venue for one of the world’s most famous ski races. However, the Streif is a worthy uphill winter challenge as well! During the Vertical Up event, participants ascend the Streif uphill by (almost) any sporting means possible. Training enthusiasts keen to get to know the route in summer often ascend the Streif via the Einsiedelei chapel and then proceed up the Rechegg hiking trail. The finish line is at the start of the legendary Hahnenkamm downhill race.

↗ 960 m | Hiking time: 2 hours



Bischof alpine tour

The summit trail to the peak of the Bischof mountain is no walk in the park! In fact, hiking guide Engelbert considers the tour to be technically demanding, which is why he provides the following advice: “Hikers must be sure-footed and have a head for heights.” This challenging alpine tour starts in Oberaurach. Follow the signs past the local church towards the Wildalm Alpine pasture. The trail then continues to the Hochwildalm mountain hut via a mountain road.

The challenging portion of the hike begins here: For the ascent from the mountain pasture up the Bischofsjoch ridge, hikers will need sure-footedness as they ascend to the summit over boulders. The trail itself is nevertheless well recognisable. Stopping to look ahead as the summit cross is clearly visible provides additional motivation. As an additional reward for their efforts, hikers can enjoy panoramic views of the Leoganger Steinberge, Steinplatte and Hohe Tauern mountains. On the way back down, take a well-deserved break at the rustic Hochwildalm refuge. This route is only recommended in safe and dry weather conditions!

Route length: 9 km | ↗ 1290 m | Hiking time: 5.5 hours


Hiking guide tip:


Begin this tour at the Branderreib car park. This additional parking option just before the wildlife park skips the tiring asphalt road from Aurach to the Branderreib car park.


Alpine Flower Garden

The Alpine Flower Garden is well worth a visit in its own right! After enjoying views of the surrounding mountains from the Horn Gipfelbahn lift, unique 360° panoramic views await you from the summit of the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain. Next, an easy walk downhill leads past Alpine meadows to the Alpine Flower Garden. Those who experience the grandeur of blossoming Alpine roses will surely find many reasons to plan a return visit. For instance, the opportunity to admire the famous Edelweiss flowers, which bloom from the end of July to the middle of September.

Exotic plants from many countries around the world are on display in this unique Alpine garden. Since 1985, Eva and Toni Hofer have worked to cultivate this magnificent collection: The couple has travelled the world to collect rare plants from the Caucasus, the Andes, the Pyrenees or the Himalayas. In addition, the Hofer family have created two artificial ponds. Admission is free and guided hiking tours take place once per day through the Alpine Flower Garden in July and August.

Route length 2 km | ↗ 300 m | Hiking time: 1 hour



Sintersbach Waterfall

Worth a visit any time of year, the Sintersbach waterfall is particularly impressive during the snowmelts of spring. During the summer and autumn months, however, this impressive natural phenomenon also serves as a scenic destination for many hikers.

The start point of the hike is the Schradler car park in Jochberg. From here, it takes just over an hour to reach the Sintersbach waterfall via an old track. After enjoying this refreshing natural spectacle, stop in to the Jochberger Wildalm Alpine pasture for food & drink before heading back down. To return, follow the signposts to the start point in Schradler.

Route length 9.3 km | ↗ 648m | Hiking time: 4 hours



Hiking guide tip:

A shorter route is also available that leads via the Drachensteig trail and is especially suitable for families with children. Little ones can let off steam at the playground or discover the legend of the Sintersbach dragon at various stations along the trail.




Kids Climbing Path

Our youngest guests are also invited to reach new heights here in Kitzbühel! At the summit of the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain, for instance, a very special challenge awaits young “mountaineers.“ The trail, especially laid out for children, is secured with steel ropes and treads to allow junior hikers to experience rocky terrain for the first time. At the top of the climbing area, the Adler-Warte (eagles look-out) provides breathtaking panoramic views of the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain that stretch for kilometres. Meanwhile, children will enjoy climbing through the Marmot Garden along the way.

The children’s climbing area is accessible from two sides: Option one is to take the path from the Horn summit downhill. Option two is to start from the Alpenhaus and head uphill via the Alpine Flower Garden to the climbing path. Both the summit and the Alpenhaus mountain restaurant are easily accessible by cable car.

Route length 300 m | ↗ 80 m | hiking time: 30 to 50 min


Hiking guide tip:


If you’re in need of cool down after all that climbing around, the Horn reservoir is located not far from the kids’ climbing path. Here there is a Kneipp facility in addition to numerous water-based attractions for children.

Kitz Trails
Mountains. Valleys. Stories.

Those who have arrived at the summit (even after asking
“How far is it?” at least once along the way) know first hand what a sense of accomplishment it is
to reach the peak. Best of all, once up top
you can write your name in the summit book!

For your consideration, we’ve selected six special tours. These are no ordinary routes, however: These are KitzTrails. KitzTrails promise unforgettable memories and entertaining moments no matter your preference! Enjoy the thrill of an e-bike tour, the challenge of a via ferrata, the enjoyment of good food & great sportsor even the simple  joy of relaxation.




The spiritual hiking trail.
KitzTrail BALANCE leads hikers along tranquil paths to three idyllic moor lakes. You’re invited to experience these unique places of power in Tirol, which simply radiate charisma.


The hiking trail for connoisseurs.
The KitzTrail KULINARIA extends from the Kitzbüheler Horn via the Hornköpflhütte mountain hut to the newly created Karstweg Trail. It offers varied routes, exciting insights into Alpine plants and geology, and assorted culinary delights – guaranteed.


The good-mood trail for rainy weather.
The KitzTrail REGENZEIT leads along the romantic Roman road to the Hinterobernau Farmhouse Museum and via meadow and forest sections to the Schwarzsee, the warmest moor lake in the Alps.

Kitz Trail STREIF-live

Hike in the footsteps of champions.
The STREIF-live KitzTrail lets us get close to the most spectacular and famous downhill racecourse in the world, the Streif. Around four hours of hiking time and climbing over 1,000 altitude metres promise the ultimate World Cup feeling.


Especially for those with a good head for heights
The KitzTrail ADRENALIN is a challenging, albeit very rewarding via ferrata tour to the Tristkogel at over 2,000 metres elevation. The trail, which is secured with steel ropes and ladders throughout, boasts C and D levels of difficulty in some sections.

Kitz Trail E-BIKE & HIKE

A trail designed for experienced riders
Experience the varied and beautiful terrain of the Aurach highlands during the KitzTrail E-Bike & Hike. After a well deserved break at the Hochwildalm mountain hut owned by Champions League winning football player Wolfgang Feiersinger (Borussia Dortmund), we’ll leave the bikes behind to ascend “on foot” to the Gebra summit.

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Local Heroes - Lisi von Hahnenkammstueberl bereitet Ihren legendaeren Mossbeerschwarm vor.

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In our KitzBlog we reveal the most beautiful places to go hiking in Kitzbühel and the impressive experiences on the bike, introduce the Kitzbüheler #localheroes, talk about interesting events and share with you the best Tyrolean recipes and culinary tips in the holiday region Kitzbühel.

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