Museum Tiroler Bauernhöfe - Open-Air Farms Museum

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Museum Tiroler Bauernhöfe
Angerberg 10
6233 Kramsach

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Preserving culture. Retaining values. Passing on knowledge - a journey back in time

In the open-air museum of Tyrolean farms in Kramsach you will find 37 restored original buildings - farms and outbuildings from different valleys - which are beautifully embedded in the hilly countryside with impressive mountain scenery.

Take your time and go on a hike into the past of rural living and working before industrialisation. Behind some doors you will be amazed by the stories of the former residents and in some rooms you will find exciting things to "grasp" for young and old alike.

TIP: On Sundays, craftsmen offer insights into the old production traditions. In the courtyards, musicians play traditional folk music from the Alpine region and the participatory stations for children and young people offer a wide variety of activities on the subject of "experiencing everyday life".

Step into the world of past generations and experience how much the change of time has changed thinking and business. The open-air museum is a special experience for all age groups, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Information boards in front of the houses, illustrated with historical photographs, bring the life of the rural population back to life.

During a tour lasting about 1.5 hours, the visit becomes a walk through the past, whose way of life is almost forgotten and lost. Participation stations, short films and guided tours for school classes give younger generations information about the life of our ancestors.

Guided tours by trained museum staff can be arranged on special themes upon request.
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