The perfect place to say I do!

Celebrate your SPECIAL day

Say “I do” in the he most legendary sports town in the Alps.

Kitzbühel is an impressive wedding location and the ideal place for a celebration of love with venues ranging from a classic registry office at the heart of the historic town centre right through to the Tirolean charm of the Farm Museum at the foot of the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain. In Kitzbühel’s wonderful surroundings, you can celebrate your own special wedding with your loved ones in a large or small ceremony before treating yourselves and your guests to delicious delicacies from the local region.

Marriage is the closest, most beautiful, most intimate, holiest and most lasting covenant between two people. Happy marriage is the highest good of erthly life.

Heinrich Daniel Zschokke
Careful preparation and attention to detail for your SPECIAL day in Kitzbühel

Say “I do” in Kitzbühel!

Registry office ceremony in the historic town hall at the heart of Kitzbühel, also wheelchair accessible via a lift.
A CD player is available for your music of choice. You can also choose to hold your marriage ceremony in one of the town’s museums (Kitzbühel Museum or Farm Museum).

You can choose one of four different locations for your marriage ceremony:
:: “Trausaal” wedding hall with seating for 36 guests
:: “Rathaussaal” hall with seating for 50 guests plus space for 50 standing guests
:: Kitzbühel Museum with seating for max. 50 guests plus space for 10 standing guests
:: Hinterobernau Farm Museum for max. 20 guests

For a romantic ceremony in Kitzbühel and its holiday villages, you can take your pick from several churches ranging from opulent to simple and from large to small.

Our wedding experts are happy to help!

You have questions, wishes, improvement suggestions?

The team of Kitzbühel Tourismus is happy to help!
Telephone +43 5356 66660

Opening hours

Mo-Fr: 8.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Sa: 9.00 a.m - 6.00 p.m.
Su: 10.00 a.m - 12.00 p.m.
4.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.

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In our KitzBlog we show your the prettiest secret spots in Kitzbühel, introduce you to Kitzbühels orginals, share the best Tyrolean recipes, and take you on a journey through extraordinary experience Kitzbühel has to offer.

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