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    Scattered snow showers around noon, then the sky will clear slowly.

  • domani

    Light snowfall in the early morning, later dry and also some sunshine at times.

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  • Snow
    valle (piste) 64 cm
  • Snow
    montagna 75 cm

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Kitzbühel is the country paradise of the Alps and you can discover the endless walking and running possibilities in and around Kitzbühel. Many different types of terrain can be found, from hilly trail running paths, mountain running on tracks and asphalt roads or enjoyable tours along the shores of the Kitzbühel Ache River. Currently there are a total of 23 routes with a combined length of 170 kilometres and 11 different marked starting points.

The various routes allow guests and locals to explore the beauty of Kitzbühel and offer plenty of choice for walking, Nordic walking and running. Kitzbühel offers amateur runners perfect training opportunities with facilities up to international standards. The Kitzbühel Horn run has been held since 1979 and is internationally renowned as the hardest mountain race. In 2009, the Austrian State Mountain Running Championships were held in Kitzbühel.

An extension to "Kitz Running" was opened in Jochberg in 2010 and this added 8 new routes, 65 kilometres in length, with 3 different starting positions.

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