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погода прогноз погоды
  • сегодня 17°

    Partly sunny in the morning, gradually becoming cloudy in the afternoon.

  • завтра 13°

    Fair to start, but soon rain will set in and will continue throughout most of the day.

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  • открытых склонах 0
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Летние ночи в Китцбюэле 2019

6 июня 2019 г. :: 06. June to 29. August - Thursdays

Summer evening feelings in the center of Kitzbühel.

There are concerts of Austrian groups from different genres like jazz, rock, folk music and modern DJ sound.

Enjoy a good glass of wine on the terraces of the downtown restaurants, accompanied by great music on different stage locations.
In every weather!


Innenstadt | Ortsmitte
е-мейл: servus@kitzbuehel.com
сеть: https://www.kitzbuehel.com


6 июня 2019 г. - 29 авг. 2019 г.



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