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Hiking in Kitzbühel

Hiking is by far the most popular sport in Kitzbühel during the summer, because the resort with its network of well-maintained trails is a true walker's paradies. More than 1000 km of trails are available to explore the colourful flower meadows with grazing cows, wide alpine pastures as well as the soft grass mountains which are characteristic for the area. Kitzbuehel Tourism offers free guided tours with our experienced guides Susi and Madeleine, also to the craggy Wilder Kaiser mountain range  which majestically watches over the region.

Walking and Hiking Program

Daily Hiking Trips (Mo - Fr)

Kitzbühel tourism offers in the summer free daily guided hikes (Monday to Friday). Our experienced guides Susi and Madeleine will show you the best places of Kitzbühel. The hiking season is best from mid-May to late October.

1.000 km Well Maintained Routes

Gentle meadows, alpine pastures and a wide grass covered fascinating mountains. With beautiful views of the Wilder Kaiser and powerful rugged glacial peaks of the Hohe Tauern and Austria's highest mountain, the Großglockner (3,798 m), is what people come to see in the mountains of Kitzbühel. Over 1,000 km of hiking trails take you through some of the most beautiful places in Tyrol.

The Fascination of the Kitzbühel Pastures

The mountain forms and cirque in the Kitzbühel Alps are mostly gentle. Wide green mountain slopes have numerous pastures. Most of the meadows and slopes on the highest parts, up to 2000 meters, are grazed by cattle. The Kitzbühel Alps Geologically belong to the so called Grauwackenzone and are mostly composed of shale, which are also known as "grass mountains". The Kitzbuehel Alps ( Kitzbüheler Alpen) extend geographically from the Zeller See in the east, to the west in the Zillertal. The highest peak is on the mountain (Kreuzjoch, 2,558 m). 2/3 of the mountainous area is located in Tyrol and 1/3 is assigned to the province of Salzburg. The Geißstein, on the border between Tyrol and Salzburg is, with its 2.363m, the highest grass mountain in the Alps. The most visible is the Große Rettenstein  (2,366 m) which is part the collection of Kitzbühel mountain range and appears as a bold rocky summit amidst the grassy mountains.

Huts and Snack Stations for Hikers

The Kitzbühel mountains are characterized by numerous mountain huts. Hikers and mountain bikers are invited to rest and try some Tyrolean snacks. In many cabins you can taste and buy self-produced and local natural foods: bacon, cheese, brandy and more. The cattle are driven up in the early summer in July to pastures between 1,400 and 1,600 m above sea level. Depending on weather conditions they are later taken up to the high pastures of 2,000 m. Therefore they open the huts on mountain pastures in summer and they have numerous shelters all over the Kitzbühel Alps with places to stay.

The amazing contrasts of the climbing Eldorado of  the Wilder Kaiser (The wild emperor)

A Visit to “The Kaiser” is always worthwhile. This famous mountain draws crowds in any season and brings all mountain lovers under its spell: hikers, climbers and ski-mountaineers especially. The favourite climbs of the Tyrolean and Bavarian climbers are mostly on routes of Totenkirchl, Fleischbank and the Predigtstuhl and have been the mainstay in the development of climbing for more than a hundred years. The Munich climbing pioneer Hans Dülfer and the famous „Nanga Parbat“ –“Conquerer” Hermann Buhl (with the locals Wastl Weiss) honed their climbing skills on the Wilder Kaiser.

The "Emperor" also stands out as a beautiful mountain with hiking trails for all levels. Great huts invite you to stop and stay, for example, the Gruttenhütte with its fantastic views. In the north of the rock massif, the Stripsenjochhütte is the starting point for many legendary climbing routes. In recent years, many climbing routes have been created and newly laid out. The Kaiser is not the only climbing range, there is also locally Tristkogel in Jochberg which also has its challenges amid the grass mountains.

Experience the Animal World in the Kitzbühel Mountains

The Kitzbühel mountains is characterized by a variety of wildlife. The deer population is abundant throughout the Kitzbühel Mountains. Also chamois is found widely, especially at the Gamshag, the Hahnenkamm and the Wilder Kaiser. Strong stocks of chamois and deer are found on Kuhkaser. Marmots, rabbits, foxes, grouse and wild fowl are located all over the Kitzbühel mountains.

Sintersbacher Waterfalls

A really impressive hike leads to the natural monument of Sintersbacher waterfalls in Jochberg. With about 165m drop height these are among the most spectacular of its kind in the Alps, especially when the snow is melting from April to June. The trail to the falls begins at the parking lot at Schradler in Jochberg. About an hour on the Triebweg you can reach the natural treasure. Tip: Then climb up to the Wildalm, where you can get refreshments and prepare yourself for your descent. Follow the footpath towards Burgstallalm, over Hanslern, Oberhausenweg, Parzen and along the Jochberger Ache back to your starting point.

National Park the Hohe Tauern

Not far from Kitzbühel and easily accessible by car, is the National Park Hohe Tauern ( Nationalpark Hohe Tauern.). It is the largest national park in Austria and includes large parts of the main ridge of the Eastern Alps and is home to some of the highest peaks in Austria (eg Grossglockner 3,798 m, 3,666 m Großvenediger).

The National Park Hohe Tauern has vast glacier fields (about 130 km ²), glacially-formed valleys with majestic valley heads, massive landslides and alluvial cones, alpine grass and shrub communities, but also vast forests of larch, spruce and pine. Famous sights and attractions in the national park are the Krimml Waterfalls, the Umbalfälle, the Gletscherlehrweg Innergschlöss (Matrei in east Tyrol), The Franz Josefs-Hohe on the Grossglockner, The Grossglockner High Alpine Road and the National Park Worlds in Mittersill.

A Tip for Hiking from Hiking Expert Engelbert

A good tip from hiking expert Engelbert Engelbert Prohaska:- A multi-day tour with overnight stays in traditional huts and rustic hike under the motto "From the grassy hills to the famous Wilder Kaiser"

Simply Go-Ticket-Bonus

Upon presentation of any of the single-and-out tickets every guest gets a discount on the Panoramic Ticket Horn (EUR 16.00, - instead of EUR 17.00, -). Any one way ticket used on the mountains of Kitzbühel enables the use of the indoor pools in the Aquarena (up to 7 days from validity) with unique 50% discount on the entrance fee. Info: Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel | Hahnenkammstraße 1a , 6370 Kitzbühel | Phone +43 5356 6951-215

Dachstein Hiking Shoe Testcenter

The local sporting goods store "Sport Etz" is in cooperation with Dachstein - a famous mountain shoe manufacturer. One can hire and test the most popular commercial hiking boots at an affordable price in their main shop.

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