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Events in Kitzbühel

Kitzbühel – putting a smile on visitors’ faces 365 days a year

Kitzbühel, also known as the “Gamsstadt”, is home to a unique combination of sport and lifestyle perfectly incorporated into a calendar of events that is truly one of a kind. The events are extremely varied in both summer and winter and offer something special for everyone.

Located at the heart of the Tyrolean mountains, Kitzbühel provides an impressive stage for all kinds of events, be it sports, cultural, musical or culinary highlights. In fact, the diversity of the events held in Kitzbühel knows no bounds. Immerse yourself in an extra-special experience and let Kitzbühel’s profusion of entertaining events impress you like never before.

Events in Kitzbühel – a cornucopia of excitement, diversity and emotion

Kitzbühel is a fascinating town with a truly magical magnetism that has been attracting visitors from near and far for over 125 years. The unique mix of sport, nature, tradition and lifestyle makes it an international hotspot all year round.

Events 20th - 26th January 2020

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Hahnenkamm Races

7 tips for the Hahnenkamm Races

The fascination of Kitzbühel and its magical appeal have attracted numerous guests to the region for more than 125 years. The unique mixture of sport, nature, tradition and lifestyle makes the so-called “Gamsstadt” an international meeting place all year round. A meeting place for sports enthusiasts, culture fans, recreation seekers, but also guests who find a wide range of entertainment at the wealth of high-profile events.

  • Hahnenkamm ski race
  • Kitzbühel Triathlon
  • Kitzbühel Golf Festival
  • “Klassik in den Alpen” classical music concert with Elīna Garanča & Friends
  • Tour of Austria
  • Generali Open Kitzbühel
  • Kitzbühel Music Festival with Andreas Gabalier & many other Austrian party-hit singers
  • Kitzbühel Film Festival
  • Advent in Kitzbühel with a stunning Christmas market
  • A huge New Year’s firework display and ski show
  • Snow Polo World Cup

And many other events 365 days a year!

Kitzbühel hat immer Saison It's always the right season in Kitzbühel

Holiday paradise 365 days of the year

Whether its the awakening of the flower world in the spring, the diverse active possibilities in the summer, the regional culinary delights in the autumn, the magical christmas time or the legendary winter – Kitzbühel is extraordinary in each season of the year.

Kitzbühel's Lifestyle

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