Genusswandern in der Urlaubsregion Kitzbuehel, Tirol

with Alpine Flair


An extra-special alpine shopping experience

Kitzbühel combines urban flair with typical Tyrolean hospitality and offers a diverse range of culinary highlights alongside a selection of unique shops. The town centre brings together an impressive mix of sport and lifestyle to create a shopping and dining paradise that defines the town of Kitzbühel just like the Streif ski race course characterises the Hahnenkamm mountain. The historic town centre is home to a stunning combination of exclusive fashion, jewellery, art and design as well as traditional crafts business.

The centre of Kitzbühel has a tight network of streets and lanes that has given the town its reputation as the perfect alpine shopping destination. In just five minutes, you can wander past shop windows full of international brands interspersed with Kitzbühel’s iconic fashion institutions such as Sportalm, Frauenschuh, Franz Prader and Helmut Eder.

A stroll through the town centre also gives you the opportunity to discover local craftsmanship from the Kitzbühel Meistergilde, a guild of talented local artisans, merchants and service providers. The handcrafted products perfectly reflect the tradition and variety of the Kitzbühel region, ranging from artistic masterpieces such as the jewellery at Goldschmiede Schroll to traditional hand-made delicacies in the town’s bakeries.

When browsing the shop windows in the town centre, you will not only discover exclusive boutiques full of famous international labels but also plenty of original and intricate handcrafted treasures that are truly one of a kind. From classic dirndl dresses right through to high-quality designer jewellery, you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for and more in Kitzbühel’s picturesque town centre.

Kitz Galleria

The shopping centre KITZ GALLERIA, in the heart of the world-famous Tirolean Gamsstadt, is a real paradise for people keen on shopping and true connoisseurs. From well-known brands over individual designer shops to special treasures – go on a shopping spree trough the small but nice store and discover high-quality products, excellent service and delicacies.

Barrier-free shopping in the Kitz Galleria. The wheelchair parking is located directly at the entrance of Kitz Galleria in Gries. The accessible toilet is situated on the ground floor, which also has a lift access.

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Radfahren in Kitzbühel, egal ob Roadbike, Mountainbike, Trail oder Rad-Wandern.

The most legendary sports town in the Alps

Kitzbühel = Sport

We Kitzbühelers love sports. It is not for nothing that we are called the most legendary sports town in the Alps. Whether skiing, golfing, running, cycling, hiking or trail running – in Kitzbühel we know all about active recreation.

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