Leisure on the ice

Enjoy classic ice skating at the Sportpark with a 60m x 30m ice rink, complete with equipment rental and changing facilities. For advanced skaters, equipment can be professionally serviced for maximum performance.

Experience the traditional Tyrolean sport of curling at Sportpark, home to Austria's only indoor curling hall—an ideal choice for friends and families eager to test their skills and rivalries.

Sportpark is also the proud home of the Kitzbühel Adler's professional ice hockey team. With space for 1,700 fans, it's no wonder ice hockey has become one of the most popular sports in Kitzbühel.

ice sports facilities in Kitzbühel

Ice hockey

Ice hockey stands as the fastest team sport globally, igniting passionate reactions from fans. The games are thrilling and dynamic, with hardly ever a scoreless moment—each minute packed with action, from bone-crushing hits to powerful shots.

Moreover, fans find themselves right at the heart of the excitement. At Sportpark Kitzbühel, boasting a modern ice rink, the pulse of ice hockey beats strongest when the fans roar. Whether you're a player or an observer, it's the ultimate destination to witness the "Die Adler" professional hockey team showcasing their prowess.

Sportpark Kitzbühel


The Sportpark Kitzbühel is not only home to Austria's only curling hall, but also to the Federal Performance Center for Curling. In addition to general playing and training facilities, many top-class tournaments and championships are held here, including the Austrian National Championships. Of course, guests and spectators are also welcome at the tournaments.

Arrange your appointment for social curling and trial lessons by phone or book online →.

Kitzbühel Curling Club

Bavarian curling

Where there is an ice rink, the curlers are not far away. Equipped with the so-called Birnstingl, you try to get as close as possible to the small stave at the other end of the rink with precise shots.

Although categorized as a sport, the social character of bavarian curling is often more of an activity. That's why it's perfect for the whole family, circle of friends or as a corporate event. Have you got the urge? Then get on the ice!

bavarian curling

Ice skating

Ice skating is a welcome leisure activity that perfectly combines fun and technique. Whether you're leisurely gliding along with your partner or goofing around with friends and family, ice skating is a wonderful winter sport that knows no age limit!

Ice skating is an elegant alternative to skiing and cross-country skiing. The special thing about our ice rinks: You can also ice skate in the evening, so after a day of skiing and a good dinner in one of the many restaurants, you can do a few more laps on the ice to digest.

ice skating
Colorful houses in Kitzbühel


Kitzbühel is always in season

Whether it's the first floral greetings in Spring, the varied activities in Summer, the culinary delights in Autumn, or the legendary Winter - in Kitzbühel every season is very special.

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