Kitzbühel - THE running paradise in the Alps

Experience the ultimate running adventure in Kitzbühel! With 16 signposted routes, and 22 GPX trail running routes, there's something for every runner. From beginners to pros, our routes have been meticulously selected by the local running community to ensure an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the best alpine views and challenges of varying difficulties. Explore Kitzbühel's hidden gems, from the Südberge summit trails to enjoyable laps around Schwarzsee. It's time to lace up and hit the ground running!

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Signposted running routes in the valley

Explore your perfect route with Laufland Tirol! Our system ensures top-quality routes for all types of running and walking. Expert-selected and marked, with easy-to-read panels for direction, distance, and difficulty. It's the ultimate way to match your pace and make every run or walk a breeze!

Running in Kitzbühel


Revitalise your running routine in Kitzbühel and boost your performance. Beginners can start with easier terrain in the valleys, while experienced runners can tackle our more difficult mountain options. Our routes, selected by our running community, showcase the best of the region, including picturesque rivers, epic forests, and stunning mountain views.

The easy loop around Schwarzsee is a great starting point to get acquainted with the area before venturing onto harder routes. So, lace up your shoes, start your running app, and begin your adventure!

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A trail runner's paradise, whether you're a newbie or a pro! Discover your perfect trail running route in the breathtaking Kitzbühel Alps. What makes our trails special are the continuous views of the Wilder Kaiser and Loferer Steinberge as you run along the Südberge ridgeline. Whether you prefer flowing forest terrain or challenging summit trails, we have a route that meets your needs.

Explore our 12 hand-picked routes, deemed the most beautiful by our running community. Escape, explore, and distance yourself from the crowds

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Nordic Walking

Looking for a leisurely yet invigorating activity that's easy on the joints? Give Nordic walking a try! With specially designed poles, it's gentler than running but still works your entire body. Plus, immersing yourself in the untouched beauty of nature in the Kitzbühel region is the perfect way to recharge and energize. Join us in the Kitzbühel Alps for a unique blend of exercise and vacation. Come experience the scenic diversity and make unforgettable memories in nature!

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Kitzbühel Tourism recommends

Our top 5 running routes in Kitzbühel


Popular circular route around one of the most beautiful moor lakes in the Alpine region

The Schwarzsee loop starts and ends at the Schwarzsee parking lot over a course length of about 2.5km and 17 meters of elevation gain. The easy running circuit leads along the Kitzbühel Forest Mile, which invites you to train with varied exercises. The surface changes from forest and meadow paths to asphalt and wooden paths.

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Long round with condition and surefootedness

The scenic circular route starts from Schwarzsee in a northerly direction over a total distance of 11.5km with 245 meters of elevation gain. The challenging trail first leads through the hilly landscape of Bichlach, with its several climbs of varying steepness. The route continues through forest and meadow paths, across narrow climbs and asphalt sections returning your to Kitzbühel with a sense of achievement.

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Central connection and individual route

From the Pfarrau parking lot, the town loop with a distance of just over 4km and 28 meters of elevation gain leads clockwise around the entire Kitzbühel town center. You pass by the two alternative KitzRunning starting points of "Achenpromenade" and "Sportpark", as well as Hahnenkamm lift valley station. Ideal for all those who only have time for a quickly loop.

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Tough mountain run for top fit athletes

They say you can't leave Kitzbühel without having skied the Streif. Well now you can run or walk up it too -  The Streif Vertical is simply a must. With a length of 5 km and 876 meters of altitude, is both demanding and beautiful. You'll need good stamina but it's definately worth it: Along the classic course, you pass the universally known Hausberg Edge, and Lärchenschuss sections, the seriousy steep Mausefalle and finally the finishing point at the Hahnenkamm Start House.

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Breathtaking panoramic view with architectural highlights

From the Hahnenkamm lift top station, a stunning high-altitude circular route extends over 3.5km. It begins by passing the iconic start house of the Hahnenkamm downhill race and continues towards the northwestern edge of the Hahnenkamm. Ascending over the Ehrenbachhöhe at altitudes ranging between 1,600 - 1,800 meters, you'll encounter the picturesque Bernhard Chapel, as well as an idyllically situated reservoir and architectural gems by Alfons Walde.

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Running events in Kitzbühel

World Extreme Run Challenge

13 & 14 October 2023

Wings For Life Worldrun

7 May 2023

Tristkogel Challenge

June 2023

Kitzbühel Triathlon

16 - 18 June 2023

45th Int. Kitzbüheler Horn Mountain Road Run

03 September 2023

Streif Vertical Up

25 February 2023

Lisa Hauser On Tour - Discover Kitzbühel in running shoes

Together with the Tyrolean celebrity Lisa Hauser, you will be shown one of the most beautiful running tours around Kitzbühel. Perhaps Lisa will also convince you to discover the beautiful Alpine landscape in running shoes.

Trail running routes

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On the run exploring Kitzbühel

If you want to discover Kitzbühel and its vacation villages, you have many options. Running is one of them. You don't have to be a pro athlete because the KitzRunning network covers all requirements: from easy asphalt to extremely challenging mountain trails. How intensively you want to push yourself is entirely up to you!

Running through Kitzbühel
Discover our enchanting alpine landscape. Simply slip on your running shoes and begin with a world of adventures at your door. Our  23 signposted running routes in and around Kitzbühel are always close by - whether it's a short town circuit, a hilly Steuerberg run or a sweaty route over the Streif. 

For those who like to know what's around the corner, the Laufland Tirol signage system displays a total of 170 KitzRunning kilometers. These routes have been expertly selected and graded by our running community ensuring quality and saftey for all runners. You'll find direction, difficulty, and distances (km) easily displayed. This means you can leave the map at home and focus on your passion for running!

Mountain running for beginners and professionals
One of the best ways to experience nature is trail running. We have eleven marked routes through forests, alpine meadows, and on the mountains. Why not explore Kitzbühel's challenging summit tours on the Hahnenkamm, the Kitzbüheler Horn, or along the South Mountains in Aurach and Jochberg. Trail running beginners can try a variety of easier routes both in the valley and towards the peaks. If you enjoy lakes, streams, forests or hidden spots - you'll feel connected to nature with every stride.

Nordic walking in the Gamsstadt
Take on the trails at your own pace. Our region can be explored in a wonderfully relaxing way by Nordic walking. The steady pace and the use of special poles not only protects the joints, but also trains the upper body. You beneift from the same trails and natural highs as trail runners and hikers.

Competitions for the fastest
Vertical Up: The Streif has long made a name for itself as a legendary ski race. But did you know the course can also be raced on foot? The Vertical Up in February sees competitiors battle it out on snow using shoes with spikes, crampons or on touring skis.

This competitions is open to everyone who loves a challenge. For safety reasons all participants should be in good physical condition. 

Kitzbühel Triathlon: Top athletes compete in one of Europes classic sporting events. The annual triathlon weekend takes place at Schwarzsee in Kitzbühel. The program includes a Europe Triathlon Cup, a competition for the European top athletes, as well as competitions for enthusiastic amateur athletes, and the KitzTRIGames for the next generation of young Austrian athletes.

Good Shoes Make a Difference.
Hardly any piece of equipment is as essential for running as your shoes. If problems suddenly arise during your vacation, our sports stores will be there to help and advise you.

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