Scale the mountains in winter

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Kitzbühel’s winter landscape and let the beauty of the surrounding mountains whisk you off your feet. Away from the popular ski pistes, you can experience pure joie de vivre in a stunning natural setting. From leisurely tours through to challenging routes and from prepared pistes to freeriding adventures, Kitzbühel has the perfect routes for all ski tourers. Whatever options you choose, you can look forward to a well-earned reward at the end of your tour: impressive views of the breathtaking mountain scenery around Kitzbühel.

Highlights for ski tourers

The Bichlalm ski touring area

The area is a paradise for all tourers. Also in the evening hours. True, even here the secured slopes are officially closed after closing time. But there is NO winch preparation.

In addition, the ascent and descent on a groomed slope is a luxury that one would be reluctant to do without. There is nothing standing in the way of a free and exclusive touring sport. But note: Always at your own risk!

Natural snow paradise Bichlalm: a perfect touring ski area!

Ski touring evenings in Jochberg

In Jochberg there is a ski touring evening every Friday until 10.00 pm. From the valley station of the cablecar you can walk along the piste to the Wagstättalm, the hut is open until 10.00 pm.
Piste, number 60.

Ski tour to the Hahnenkamm over the Asten

In the winter months, the Asten run is open daily for ski tourers until 10 p.m.! Rejoice and walk one of the most popular slopes - the Hahnenkamm - even in the evening. Tourers can march up Kitzbühel's local mountain every evening on the Asten run (No. 20).

Normally, snow groomers work intensively on the descent for the next day. Especially for our touring ski lovers, the "piste groomers" make allowances. This creates a time window for danger-free tours - and all this very close to the "Gamsstadt".

Please pay attention to the currently signposted notices or information about short-term closures on site.

For a comfortable descent on Friday evening, the Hahnenkamm cable car will be in operation until 23:00 p.m.. So, for all those who come later on tours: - up the mountain - on to the Hahnenkamm!

Ski tour on the Resterhöhe

Start a safe ski tour from Pass Thurn to Resterhöhe in the evening.

Discover the winter from its most beautiful side. With a dreamlike ski tour through pristine landscapes. Ski touring - the trend continues. Take a deep breath and enjoy our beautiful winter landscape.

At Pass Thurn, all ski touring enthusiasts can enjoy themselves safely and every day until the evening hours. We offer in the area of the Resterhöhe, every day until the start of the preparation work, safe ski touring pleasure on the slope No. 70.

Normally groomers work intensively on the slope for the next day. Extra for our touring ski lovers, the "piste groomers" make allowances. This creates a time window for danger-free tours - and the whole thing close to the village.

Please pay attention to the currently signposted notices or information about short-term closures on site.

Ski tours with the Kitzbühel mountain guides

The local mountain guides accompany tourers of every skill level on their favorite tour. The Kitzbühler Grasberge mountains are ideal for beginners and advanced skiers. Whether in the Windau, Klechsau or in the Kaisergebirge, there are countless opportunities here to enjoy the best deep snow descent in the most varied conditions. The mountain guides are all state-certified and internationally authorized mountain and ski guides (IVBV, UIAGM, IFMGA) as well as members of the Austrian and International Mountain Guide Association. 

Kitzbühel mountain guides

Kitzbühel Tourism recommends

Our top 5 ski tours in Kitzbühel


Piste ski tour on the Graisberg

Sporty ascent with a flat start followed by a continuously steeper route. The steepest part is in the middle of the ascent and can be bypassed via the forest path in the forest if there is enough natural snow. In the upper third, the route becomes flatter again and follows a clear route, always staying at the edge of the slope, to the top station of the Gaisberg lift.

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Slope ski tour at Stuckkogel

The Stuckkogel belongs to the variant area of the Kitzbühel cable cars and is largely groomed. Therefore, this tour is particularly suitable as an alternative tour in bad weather or high avalanche danger. Nevertheless, the experienced tourer will always find enough space for tracks in the deep snow in the extensive terrain. The tour is especially nice after fresh snowfalls, because then usually only a narrow strip is prepared and you can let off steam without danger.

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Ski tour on the Resterkogel

Pleasant ascent with few slope crossings and panoramic final climb to the summit of the Resterkogel. A scenic and not too long tour, with magnificent views of the Salzach valley and the peaks of the Hohe Tauern, and later the ski area and the mountain range of the Kitzbühel Alps.

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Slope ski tour to the Bichlalm

Ascent for piste tourers in a pleasant slope. Ideal for leisurely tourers and beginners. The start of the ascent route is directly at the end of the slope opposite the Bichlalm chairlift middle station and runs from here along ski slope 50. Initially, the ascent route follows the slope through open meadow terrain with a magnificent view. After a short stretch in the forest, about half an hour before reaching the Bichlalm, you will again reach open and panoramic terrain. Continuing along the forest path, in sections off the piste, you reach the Bichlalm inn in an enjoyable way.

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Ski tour on the Schwarzkogel

Scenically attractive ascent route in the rear Spertental. The Schwarzkogel is an almost safe high winter tour. The first third of the ascent leads along the variant descent towards Pengelstein. Then over beautiful alpine terrain to the summit structure. Only the short northwest slope to the summit ridge is to be walked a little with caution. Despite its low altitude, the summit is a magnificent panoramic peak due to its exposure.

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Safety first in the mountains

The rules below were issued by the Board of Trustees for Alpine Safety. Ski slopes are primarily available to users of cable cars and lifts. In order to avoid accidents and conflicts, we ask you to observe the following recommendations in addition to the FIS rules of conduct:

  • Observe warnings and local regulations.
  • Obey the closure of a slope or part of a slope. Life-threatening situations can arise when snow groomers are used – especially with cable winches – or when blasting avalanches, etc. For safety reasons, slopes may therefore be closed for the duration of the work.
  • Only ascend at the edge of the piste and one after the other.
  • Only cross the piste in clearly visible places and with sufficient distance from each other.
  • Freshly groomed pistes are only used on the edges. Tracks frozen overnight can severely impair the quality of the slopes.
  • Leave the slopes at the specified time (depending on the location).
  • To make visible. Use a headlamp, reflective clothing, etc. in the dark or when visibility is poor.
  • Use only those slopes that are particularly dedicated to piste tours.
  • Do not take dogs on slopes.
  • Use designated parking spaces and pay any parking fees.
A couple skitouring
A couple skitouring

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