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The Kitzbühel region

Cosmopolitan lifestyle and idyllic nature, rustic tradition and a modern attitude to life: hardly any other town combines these contrasts as skilfully as Kitzbühel. The sports capital of the Alps became world-famous thanks to the legendary Hahnenkamm race, but that is only one facet of the Kitzbühel myth. Rather, it is the incomparable charm of the region with the four towns of Kitzbühel, Reith, Aurach and Jochberg, the excellent infrastructure with top hotels and gastronomy, the multitude of sporting opportunities and the fascinating landscape that make Kitzbühel unique.

Summer in Kitzbühel
Winter in Kitzbühel
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Awards & Awards-Voting

Kitzbühel's promise of quality

As a founding member of Best of the Alps vor über 25 Jahren, Kitzbühel is one of the most traditional destinations in the Alpine region and promises excellent quality, international guests and upscale gastronomy.

In 2020 and 2021, the Gamsstadt has again bagged numerous prizes: in tourism, sports and culinary categories and is again nominated for numerous prizes in 2022.

Kitzbühel 365 - NEW worlds, NEW cosms, NEW wonder

Gold in Cannes

The joy is great in the marketing team of Kitzbühel Tourism - after a long time of hoping, it is now official: The team around Dr. Viktoria Veider-Walser may take home the Golden Dolphin at the 11th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2020 for the year-round portrait "Kitzbühel 365".

Since 2010, the coveted Dolphin trophies in gold, silver, black, blue and white have been awarded every year at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards to the world's best business films, online media, documentaries and reports in Cannes, France, one of the most important film centers in the world.

The image film of Kitzbühel Tourism presented in June 2020 - "Kitzbühel 365 - New Worlds, New Cosms, New Wonders" - was awarded the Golden Dolphin in the category "Social Media & Short Videos" at the 11th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. This is the second time that this coveted trophy has gone to the Gamsstadt. In 2014, Kitzbühel already received the Silver Dolphin in the category "Corporate Films and Videos - Tourism" with the previous image film "Kitzbühel - The Legend".

Berg Silhouette b ei untergehender Sonne

City promotional film

Also at the 15th FilmAT Festival in Warsaw, the Polish member of the International Committee of Tourfilm Festivals CIFFT based in Vienna, Kitzbühel receives the II prize for the image film in the category promotional film of the city.

At the Japan World's Tourism Film Festival, the innovative storytelling format won 2nd prize in the "Tourism Destinations - City Award" category. A strong performance with over 1,300 entries.

At the Film Forum Austria, the Austrian film award for advertising and business, the image film NEU won gold twice - in the categories "Leisure and Adventure" and "Montage".

Kitzbühel in summer

Hiking with quality seal

Together with the municipalities of Reith, Aurach and Jochberg, the town of Kitzbühel became the first region to be awarded the European Hiking Quality Seal in September 2019 - a pioneering achievement previously reserved for individual towns. The European Hiking Quality Seal is considered the highest award in the certification of hiking villages. The region hereby stands as a model of European hiking quality and confirms its character as a year-round destination. 

Kitzbühel in winter

Relaxed into winter - it rained prizes for ski, chalet and hotel

Despite high-caliber competitors, Kitzbühel was able to once again secure the coveted title of "Austria’s Best Ski Resort" for the eleventh consecutive time, in addition to being recognized as "World's Best Ski Resort 2023 – Top 3".

The recent accolades for outstanding achievements in ski tourism have once again brought Kitzbühel and its top-notch facilities into the spotlight in 2023. Among the winners are the Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel, which received the title of "World´s Best Ski Resort Company" for multiple times, and the A-ROSA Resort Kitzbühel 5*, which was honored again as "Austria’s Best Ski Hotel". The Hahnenkamm Lodge also rejoices in being named "Austria’s Best Ski Chalet", while the Rasmushof Hotel Kitzbühel proudly accepted the award for "Austria´s Best Ski Boutiquehotel 2023".

The World Ski Awards are the only global initiative that recognizes excellence in the ski tourism industry and aims to improve current standards. Since its founding in 2013, the sister organization of the World Travel Awards has annually honored the best companies and regions in the winter sports industry on a national and international level.


Simply top!

Skiresort.de, the world's largest test portal of ski resorts, has awarded the ski resort KitzSki in 2024 with no less than 19 awards, including the title of "5-star ski resort".

Five out of five stars were awarded for the categories: Top ski area size, top piste offer, top lifts and cable cars, top snow safety, top piste preparation, top orientation (map, info, signs), top cleanliness/hygiene,
Top environmental friendliness, top mountain restaurants and huts, top accommodation offer, top for families, top for beginners, top for experts/freeriders, top snow park offer and top cross-country skiing area.

As Skiresort.at test winner, the KitzSki ski resort is delighted to have been awarded the title of "World's Best Ski Resort" for the 11th time in a row in 2023.

You can find all the details of the test report here.

In the MARKET market test of ski resorts, Kitzbühel again takes first place in 2022. This means that Kitzbühel continues to be number 1 among all the ski regions surveyed and the ski area in the Gamsstadt around the KitzSki brand repeatedly secures the overall Austrian victory with top marks despite a difficult starting position.

MARKET has been conducting industry-related market tests for many years and, with around 1.6 million ratings, is considered the largest market study company in Austria. In the process, a large number of their market tests are evaluated by relevant content criteria from the customer's point of view. The top 3 each receive a MARKET Quality Award.

A wide variety of factors are included in the evaluation. The first is key performance, including awareness, frequency of use, willingness to buy or price-performance ratio. Secondly, the brand drive (driving force for the future) plays an important role. This includes sympathy, brand loyalty, innovation and recommendation. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also considered an influence, such as social responsibility or trust in brands. In general, of course, the overall impression also counts.

All-year destination Kitzbühel

And it tastes good too

Culinary delights as far as the eye can see: In the current Gault&Millau Guide, Kitzbühel and its holiday villages have been honored with a total of 19 toques distributed among 11 restaurants. The Berggericht, located in the heart of Kitzbühel, proudly boasts 4 toques. Additionally, in the town of Kitzbühel, Lois Stern, Neuwirt, Chizzo, Tennerhof Gourmet Restaurant, and the Winter-Pop-up Zuma have been awarded 2 toques each. Among the establishments with 1 toque are Seebichl in Kitzbühel, s’Pfandl in Reith, as well as Jodlbühel, Schwarzer Adler & Wirthaus Bärenbichl in Jochberg.

2022: numerous advertising awards for Kitzbühel Tourism and KitzSki

Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel receives this year's T.A.I. Werbe Grand Prix in the category Website total for its website www.kitzskiwelt.at

Further awards:

Signum Laudis Bronze (audience)
KitzSki - Bergbahn Kitzbühel ("KitzSkiWelt Tour")

Signum Laudis Gold (jury)
Kitzbühel Tourism ("Joy of Life")

Signum Laudis Gold (audience)
KitzSki - Bergbahn Kitzbühel ("www.kitzskiwelt.at")

Signum Laudis Bronze (jury)
KitzSki - Bergbahn Kitzbühel ( www.kitzskiwelt.at )

Signum Laudis Gold (jury)
Kitzbühel Tourism ("Winter - It's time")

2020: Double awards for Kitzbühel Tourism 

Despite great competition, the marketing activities of Kitzbühel Tourism were awarded twice. In the category Website Associations and Destinations, Kitzbühel Tourismus's website, which was newly launched in fall 2019, was awarded "Signum Laudis" in silver. Kitzbühel Tourism also received the "Signum Laudis" award for its OOH campaign at Munich Airport, also in silver.

Further awards for Kitzbühel businesses:

Signum Laudis in bronze (audience)
Rasmushof Hotel Kitzbühel - "Beautiful time no. 043".

Signum Laudis in silver (jury)
Hotel Kaiserhof Kitzbühel - "Emerge in joy".

Signum Laudis in Bronze (Audience)
Hotel Kaiserhof Kitzbühel - "Kaiserhof - Where you always land soft".

2019: 4 advertising awards to Kitzbühel

The radio spot Belgium of Kitzbühel Tourism was awarded the bronze "Signum Laudis" by the expert jury of the competition in the category Radio Spots and ceremoniously awarded to the Kitzbühel delegation.

Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel was ranked first by the expert jury in the category Online & Digital Marketing Campaigns as well as Social Media Campaigns for its "Digital Banner Infotainment System" and received the golden "Signum Laudis". Rasmushof also took two awards back to Kitzbühel: The "Winterbüchlein" for 2018/19 was awarded the bronze "Signum Laudis" by the expert jury, the audience voted the magazine "Schöne Zeit" in first place and was thus awarded the golden "Signum Laudis", both in the category Catalogs and Brochures Hotel Industry.

Victor goes to Kitzbühel

In the category "Sport Tourism Region of the Year" 2019, Kitzbühel convinced with proven pioneering spirit and was awarded third place at the Victor award ceremony. The award of the Sport Business Magazine honors established initiatives, products and services as well as people in the business field of sports and leisure industry, highlighting the great economic as well as social connection between sports and business.


It is the people who make Kitzbühel and its vacation villages of Reith, Aurach and Jochberg so special. These are exactly the personalities we are talking about in our "LocalHeroes" series, in which the true heroes of our region are put in the spotlight. They would never call themselves heroes, but they are: Because it is only through their passion for what they do that we can all experience the unique Kitzbühel lifestyle.

Or let Tyrolean sports celebrities and locals take you on short trips into Kitzbühel's action-packed nature as part of Kitzbühel On Tour. Whether in the valley or on the mountain, by bike or on foot, early in the morning or in the evening - be ready for a first-class experience and like our sports stars themselves On Tour in Kitzbühel.

Be inspired by the extraordinary personalities Kitzbühel has to offer!


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