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25.02.2019 | Living in Kitzbühel

A look behind the scenes of being a ski instructor



Ski instructor in romantic winter Kitzbühel

Mona Marko, had the pleasure of slipping into the role of a Kitzbühel ski instructor herself. For several years she was on the mountain, her office so to speak, during school and later semester breaks. Skiing, her work and passion at the same time. As a state ski instructor, Mona experienced firsthand the ski instructor community and being a ski instructor.

Mona Marko, clears up and offers a not entirely serious look behind the scenes of being a ski instructor in the Gamsstadt. So, clear the stage - here are 10 questions and answers about Kitzbühel ski instructors.

Who are they?

Apart from their shared passion, the individuals of the species differ greatly. There is no prototype, no doozy or prime example of a typical ski instructor. They come from all corners of the globe. There are the "native" plus-fifties whose skin betrays countless hours in the blazing sun and freezing cold, the young Brits, Scandinavians and Dutch who take a "gap year" after graduating from school or university, or former racers whose style is admired by all. But they all have one thing in common: they all share a natural habitat: the ski slope.

zwei Pfannen beim Braten

What do they eat?

What does one have to ingest to ski as godlike as the red and blue uniformed skiers who glow across the slopes in Kitzbühel, carving the turns so hot and shouldering the skis so powerfully and carefree?

Nutritional science faces a conundrum in its study of the ski instructor species. Contrary to all scientific findings, Kitzbühel ski instructors seem to eat a diet that is completely detached from all norms and rules and yet still perform to the maximum: fried food over fried food, beer and more beer, and the few vitamins served in the form of sloppy tomatoes and lettuce leaves next to schnitzel and French fries are the only healthy exception to the otherwise monotonous diet. But the fact is that ski instructors have unique enzymes that convert fat from the fryer, alcohol and sugar into a special kind of energy - also called "Wedelpower".

How do they sleep and celebrate?

Kitzbühel ski instructors don't sleep. They celebrate. With a beer in the left hand and the skis or confederates of the opposite sex in the right. They sleep in the summer!

Kitzbühel ski instructors celebrate intensively, skillfully and daily. The first beer flows right after the end of the workday in the Legends Café, a small après ski pub in the Hahnenkamm Valley Station. Then it's on to the Irish pub "O'Flannigans". There is hardly a ski instructor who hasn't sat on the bar stools of the pub and swung the billiard cues. A few hours and a few per mille later, the night ends at the Londoner - another well-known English pub. The motto is still: If you can party, you can work! 

What do they do in the summer?

Here, too, there are various excesses of being a ski instructor. Some travel from the Tyrolean winter to the winter in the southern hemisphere and teach in New Zealand, Australia or even South America. Other Kitzbühel ski instructors indulge in their second professions - they are golf instructors, for example, or practice a trade. Some study and still others simply wait twiddling their thumbs, looking out of the window and watching the leaves finally change color again at the end of summer, fall from the trees and later become covered in white gold.

Lift Gondeln im Winter

What does a day at the office look like?

The day of a Kitzbühel ski instructor begins with fast turns and loud "Juchiza". The first gondola takes him up the Hahnenkamm early in the morning. The snow whipping coldly in the face of the Kitzbühel ski instructor is the equivalent of the first coffee for the ordinary mortal - it wakes him up and ushers in the day.

After the morning turns, it's back down to the valley. Either private guests await him at the valley station, with whom he glides across the slopes for the whole or half day, or a horde of little skiers awaits him, chasing after him like his shadows for the next few hours.

Skier und Skistecken

How do they keep fit?

Among the most popular fitness exercises for ski instructors are:

  • Carrying 6 pairs of skis (if the kids can't do it on their own).
  • Gliding up and down the Streif
  • Running up the slope (if there's a guest lined up who can't get into the skis on their own)

Which skis do Kitzbühel ski instructors ski?

It really does come down to size... with skis. But as long as the length fits, ski instructors in Kitzbühel don't care what boards they have under their feet. Because real skiers can make divine turns in the snow with any ski.

What are the no-go's for Kitzbühel ski instructors?

Ski instructors are in and of themselves an extremely tolerant and open species of people. No matter who and how you are - if you can ski, they accept you. Nevertheless, there are some absolute no-go's. These include:

  • Wearing full face helmets.
  • Answering the question "Mogst a Schnapsi?" Answering with "No!"
  • Wearing your skis the wrong way
  • A gap between helmet and ski goggles
Dächer von Kitzbühel im Schnee

Why do they look so good?

Every day in the fresh air, it is above all the healthy complexion that turns Kitzbühel ski instructors into handsome people. Brown from the sun, which also ensures a cheerful disposition, and then the athletic bodies and fast turns - who can resist?

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