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13.10.2015 | Living in Kitzbühel

A visit to the Wildpark Aurach!



A trip with the whole family

Ideal excursion destination for the whole family at any time of the year, the Wildpark Aurach. A truly beautiful piece of nature above the small village of Aurach. Lovingly tended for several generations by the Pletzer family.

Hirsch im Wildpark Aurach

Majestically deer look at the wildlife park

The special thing about the wildlife park that extremely spacious outdoor enclosure with over 40 hectares, where most of the animals move freely. Majestically and sublimely the deer look down on the visitors. The dwarf goats run cheekily through the area. Paul, the ibex just inside the entrance, is well aware of his mighty antlers. He proudly poses for me and my camera. A few meters further up, the yaks can be seen. Lovely and cuddly they seem to me, with their big eyes they look at me. On the way back I pass the lynx, a great enclosure, but he does not dignify me a glance. The eagle owls are having their afternoon nap and are not disturbed by anything. 

Off to the Streichel Stadl

On the way back I visit the Streichel Stadel, here live in the large stable Shetland ponies, llamas, sheep, goats, rabbits and guinea pigs. The children are allowed to pet them.  

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays there is a supervised feeding for children in the Streichel Stadl at 1:30 pm. Children are allowed to feed their favorite animals with apples, carrots, lettuce, etc. under supervision. For sure a great experience for the little ones! 

Keeping animals in a species-appropriate manner is a matter of course for the Pletzer family.  The animals are mostly born in the game park and spend their whole life with enough freedom, run and a lot of attention here in the park. 

Baby Ziege

Who else lives here?

Mainly, the game park is home to animal species from the Alpine region. Besides red and fallow deer, yaks, ibexes, mouflons, wild boars, donkeys, pygmy goats, also live here various species of birds, ducks and lynxes.

Hirsch liegt in Bergwiese

Family outing for young and old

Some exotic animals such as Barbary macaques, kangaroos, llamas, Siamese pot-bellied pigs and Tibetan yaks also feel wonderfully at home in the Aurach Wildlife Park. The Barbary macaques did not want to show themselves, but the kangaroos and pot-bellied pigs were all the friendlier. I can definitely recommend a visit to the game park for young and old, the most impressive for me were the deer. Full of pride they present their antlers in the beautiful landscape.

Lisi Pletzer

Lisi, since when exactly has the Aurach Wildlife Park existed and how exactly did the park come into being? - The Tyrol Game Park was ceremoniously opened in 1973. The idea came from Prince Reuss at that time. He often visited Kitzbühel with his family. The aristocrat already owned a game park in Styria and now wanted to open a zoo in Kitzbühel at Branderhof in Aurach. My parents visited the game park in Mautern, Styria. Thrilled by the deer in the castle park, my mother Lisei decided "DAs mach ma!". Thus the idea for the game park was born. After long and successful negotiations, Prince Reuss leased the area and immediately delivered the first six deer to Aurach. The lease was terminated in 1977 and the Aurach Game Park has been privately owned by the Pletzer family ever since.

Lisi, for many successful Hansi Hinterseer films "Da wo die Berge sind" (Where the mountains are) your wildlife park or Branderhof was the backdrop. How was the filming? - That's right, filming began in 2000. My husband Edi Ehrlich had the idea for a whole Heimatfilm series, which was shot at Branderhof starting in 2000. It was an exciting time at the house and we also had a lot of fun. The team was great, it was really fun!

How many animals are currently living in your wildlife park? - Currently there are about 300 animals living here with us. 

Is there a favorite place of yours in the wildlife park? - Yes, although I am more responsible for the Branderhofstube, there is one particularly beautiful place. Right at the top with the red deer, a bench with a unique view of the Wilder Kaiser. 

During the rut (from September to October) there are rival fights from time to time, what exactly happens here? - The strongest stag of the group, also called top dog, constantly drives away all other stags from the female herd, which he often tries to keep always close together. There are constant rival fights. During the fights, other deer blast rutting animals from the pack. Weaker deer, however, rarely confront the top dog for a fight. The deer rut is one of the most beautiful and interesting natural experiences here in the park. 

Lisi, are there any plans to enlarge the Aurach Game Park? - Well, an enlargement is not planned. Of course, we would like to improve continuously and we would like to include rare breeds of domestic animals. The children's playground is also great for our youngest visitors. 

How much food is needed per year? - Our Michi, who has been looking after our animals for over 36 years, can tell you exactly. According to him, it is over 60,000 kg of hay and 35,000 kg of concentrated feed. This is eaten by the animals in our park. 

Is the Aurach Wildlife Park open all year round? - Yes, except for a few weeks in winter. From mid-January to the end of March the game park is closed. 

Lisi, many celebrities visit your wildlife park? - Yes, that is true. We are especially concerned that the celebrity guests can relax with us in an informal way. Many have become dear friends in the meantime. 

You and your siblings are busy every day in the wildlife park, how do you divide up your work? - Ossi, my brother, was the Wildpark boss until 3 years ago, now Andrea, his daughter, is in charge of the Wildpark. My sister Traudi takes care of our Haflinger breeding and the beautiful flowers at the Erbhof with a lot of love and I always like to take care of the guests in the cozy Branderhofstube. 

All important information, as well as many memories with pictures can be read in the Wildpark Aurach  magazine.

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