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Advent wreath tying - made easy!



First of all, a few lines about how the Advent wreath came about in the first place: The Advent wreath was invented in 1839 by the Lutheran theologian, educator and co-founder of the Inner Mission, Johann Heinrich Wichern, in Protestant North Germany.

Less than a hundred years later, the Advent wreath was also found in Catholic areas. Since the children always asked during Advent when Christmas would finally be, the theologian Johann Heinrich Wichern built a wooden wreath with candles from an old wagon wheel in 1839.  This way, the children could count along and knew that as soon as all the candles had been lit, the time had come.

Beautiful pre-Christmas season

The Advent wreath belongs for me to the pre-Christmas season like a well-filled Advent calendar. Since I can remember the Advent wreath was always made at home. A wonderful custom for the Advent season.

What you need

With fir branches from the forest, some moss, cones or everything you find in the forest just so, you need for a beautiful Advent wreath. What else do you need? A good wire that holds the branches together and of course the straw hoop, wrapped with a winding tape you need to attach the fir branches all around. Such a straw hoop lasts a few years and is also recommended by professionals (florists). Last but not least, four candles including wire for fastening and ribbons for decorating should not be missing. Most of the utensils are available in craft stores. Already we can start.

Advent wreath tying tutorial

Everything from the forest

Tips from the professional: Ideal are branches of Nordmann fir, because they are easier to process. First, cut small twigs and tie everything into small bunches. After that, you tie the bunches with the wire. It is important that you tie the bunches very close to each other, so that you do not see the straw hoop.

The wire holds everything together

At the end of the branches you need to tighten the wire tightly, so that the wire remains invisible. I like it when the branches remain bushy. Then when the wreath is finished, you can always make up for places you don't like with branches.

Almost finished

And so the Advent wreath looks almost ready.

4 candles and even more

Already done, was not difficult at all. Now it's time to decorate. First, twist the solid wire into the candles. Heat the wire, then it goes easier.

On to the decoration

Then, decorate the wreath, either with cones, moss, balls or colorful ribbons - depending on taste, desire and mood. With a hot glue gun this works wonderfully. We wish you a lot of fun with the handicrafts. You are welcome to send us your pictures of the Advent wreath at Thank you very much and have fun! 

Here below you can see my first attempt.

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