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04.10.2016 | Living in Kitzbühel

Autumn - a wonderful source of power for you

A very special time of the year

The days are getting shorter, trees are losing their leaves, downtown is quieter, animals are taking care of enough winter fat - autumn. Just right to consciously come to rest, to relax, to let go, to simply go into oneself, to retreat and prepare for the cold winter months.

Martina doing yoga

Power Sources: Where to take from?

What gives us strength? Do we always perceive the sources of strength in the same way? How important is it to take a step back for a few days a year? There are answers to these questions and much more. We talked to an expert about this.

Martina Egger, a native of Kitzbühel, fulfilled her dream by opening her own KraftQuelle in June 2011 in Kitzbühel and creating space for conscious togetherness. As a certified midwife, Master of Acupuncture, BDY| EYU teacher, certified yoga teacher and energeticist, she accompanies people into and through life. Privately, she is wholeheartedly a mother of 2 wonderful children.



Martina Egger

Lake and sun

Martina, can you tell us a little bit about what happens in the body and mind especially in autumn? - Autumn, as you rightly mentioned, invites us to retreat. Nature clearly lets us participate in the quality of energy - the plants withdraw their life juices, the days become shorter and winter slowly takes hold. Our body and mind are invited to use this precious opportunity to become calmer, to withdraw our senses and listen within. An ideal opportunity to slip into the role of observer and thus better perceive our own limits; we take stock, so to speak, and can decide what we want to let go of and what we focus on at the end of the year. Listening to the wisdom of our body - a magical, valuable opportunity for general "healing".

Yoga group with mountain panorama

Autumn is ideal to come to rest, how do you come to rest as quickly and effectively as possible? Do you have an exercise for this here? - 

Everyday life with all its challenges literally overtakes us. Unfortunately, we have given up personal responsibility in various aspects of our lives and diligently run our laps along in the hamster wheel of society. Our body sets impulses, fatigue, mood swings, "not being round". Our body speaks to us, but due to the speed and hectic pace we do not hear our inner voice. The most important thing is to feel the ground under our feet again from the "FLIGHT through life".

My tip for this: Become aware of your feet again, over and over again; they carry you through life, they ground you, your feet give you stability. So stand consciously on the floor again and again, feel the contact points of your feet, distribute your weight balanced on your whole foot and connect with your breath. Observe how it comes, is there and goes again; just as everything in life comes, is there and goes again. Quickly implemented with lasting effect.

Two person doing yoga at a lake

Do you have some tips for relaxing at your desk, perhaps ideal for your lunch break? - Many of us spend far too much time in front of the computer and sitting - no wonder our hip, knee and ankle joints suffer as a result. We lack movement. Our entire shoulder girdle is also permanently under tension, relieving postures set in, bad postures are pre-programmed. It is advisable to get up from your desk every now and then - be aware of what is alive in you, instead of only focusing on what does not work and what is not feasible for you. On your shopping list you also write down what you need and not what you don't need, or is it the other way around?

My tip for this: stand up from your desk, stand hip-width apart, consciously direct your attention to your feet, bend your legs slightly - how are you standing? Are your gluteal muscles tight, are your ischial tuberosities pulled inward? Focus on releasing the tension from the pelvic area, widening the ischial tuberosities and breathing. Experience how your breath slowly creates rhythm again. Visualize how you bring rhythm into your body through the soles of your feet, which then expands - like a tree that brings everything it needs for life into its trunk through its fine root network.

Martina relaxing

There are various yoga exercises, can you also purify and lose weight with yoga? - Yoga is a path - asana practice (i.e. practicing yoga postures) a small fraction of this path. We in the West need our bodies to slowly discover ourselves beyond these selected movements, to come closer to the core of our being. With regular practice, meditation can be found in movement - your life and alignment change. Detoxification and weight loss are logical consequences - that come with a regular practice of exercise. On the one hand, deep breathing creates inner heat, which opens the pores of the skin and supports regulatory processes, on the other hand, the body is shaped, becomes more powerful and defined. The important thing is regularity - practice, practice and all is coming!

Yoga session

Your greatest personal success? - My greatest personal success is that I show myself as I am, without masks - and am not afraid to give space to my imperfection and vulnerability in addition to my joy for life. 

You also offer yoga classes for children, I could imagine that for very active children, for example, it's not so easy to sit still, is it? - Children are great observers and incredibly quick to respond. It is important that they are seen, that they are met with attention and mindfulness, and that their uniqueness is given space

How important is nature to your work? - Nature is my "most important teacher" - it serves me as a mirror and lets me draw conclusions about all our life processes (inside and outside); it offers me opportunities to feel freedom and supports me in letting go and arriving at times that sometimes also bring me to my limits. 

Room with couches

How do you relax after a hard day at work? - I seek closeness with those people who touch my heart. For me, there is nothing that relaxes me more than knowing that I am allowed to be who I am. I laugh, live, love & sometimes cry - I surrender to the flow of life and just let myself trust. 

Can you briefly describe to our readers what they can expect at KraftQuelle? - At KraftQuelle, everyone can find support in a variety of areas: * midwifery practice * yoga center (with BDY certified yoga teachers * body and energy work * seminar and event center. I am grateful to be able to pick people up where they are and have their trust in me.  My understanding of the slightly different way of thinking from trad. Chinese medicine allows me to quickly identify energy blockages (on a physical and/or emotional level) when talking to my clients. Touch and time are prerequisites in my work with people, I accompany them step by step back into their own responsibility for themselves, set impulses and support them with light acupuncture, acutaping, cupping methods, energetic coaching or acupuncture (in pregnancy and postpartum).

What will the KraftQuelle look like in 10 years?

Will the offer be expanded? The only constant in life is the change itself - as long as I follow my heart, give space to my ideas and visions, I know that my KraftQuelle will always create space for many things, it may grow on all levels - there I do not want to limit myself with forecasts, but simply trust in the process of life. 


Thank you Martina for the interview and the tips for more peace in us! 




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