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15.04.2021 | Lifestyle

Dive into the forest: Forest bathing as health care

The forest is good for us - we breathe in the cocktail of scents from the trees and absorb them through our skin.

Freiheit genießend
Paar beim Wandern

The forest - an ideal place to recharge your energy - feel the forest atmosphere

Almost half of Kitzbühel is covered with forests. The variety of different tree species is great and tempts you to go once consciously into our local forests. Spruces, pines, firs perceive the typical sounds and smells of the forest.
The atmosphere of the forest, the subdued light, the silence, the presence of water make you feel calm. You feel less stressed, recover and improve sleep. The forest has a decelerating effect, the fresh, cool air strengthens and vitalizes.

Bäume aus der Vogelperspektive

You notice it very clearly

Everything is put into perspective in the forest. In no time at all, you find yourself relaxing. The birds chirp, nature shimmers in its green and brown natural colors and your own steps suddenly become more mindful. Pulse and heartbeat become calm and negative thoughts disappear. These phenomena, which are perceived as positive effects of the forest, are described by the Japanese as "Shinrin yoku".

In Japan, "forest bathing" has long been part of holistic state health care. Going into the forest, letting nature take effect on you, letting your mind wander and enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature - that is the true luxury in times of constant accessibility.

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