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31.03.2020 | Living in Kitzbühel

Kitzbühel - a very special "place of power

Some places are different

There are places that are full of power and energy, where you suddenly feel better. According to Harald Kunstowny, there are also one or two places of power in Kitzbühel and it is precisely these that he would like to introduce to you here.

About Harald Kunstowny

Harald Kunstowny, an expert in feng shui, geomancy - the art of designing living spaces according to the needs of the human soul in harmony with the power of place, and geoculture - according to Kunstowny, "the approach that asks how today's man can live again with nature and the earth in a comprehensive sense."

In other words, the man cares about making people feel good about the places they spend time. No matter whether it is the workplace or one's own home, the hotel or the clinic. To this end, he repeatedly offers power site visits in his hometown of Kitzbühel.

Special places of power

There are several of these special power places here, as Harald Kunstowny tells us. He has already traveled halfway around the globe before taking on his homeland. For over thirty years he has been dealing with the subject of places of power. For three years he has been writing a book together with his colleague Jakob Scala, in which one will be able to read about these places in and around Kitzbühel. They include, for example, the Pfarrhügel and the Schleierwasserfall.

On the parish hill of Kitzbühel

It's a warm summer day, the sky is cloudless, the sun is shining on the green, lush meadow of the Pfarrhügel on the outskirts of Kitzbühel. In winter, there's a lot more going on here, on the Urkulthügel, as Harald Kunstowny calls it: "Mothers come here to teach their children tobogganing and skiing." Certainly a positive energy as well. In the past, there was a Celtic cult site here, a sign that it was a "special place." To recognize a place of power, there are many methods - "from radiesthetic analysis (note: a method of measuring rays and energy via water veins, electromagnetic fields and more) to interpreting growth anomalies of plants and trees to on-site depth perception," says the expert, Harald Kunstowny.

In any case, a trained, refined consciousness is necessary for this and the willingness to get involved with the place. From the parish hill, a narrow meadow path leads to the Baroque Liebfrauenkirche, "in which an intense energy can radiate toward people via the altar image of Mary," as Kunstowny describes it. In this Liebfrauenkirche also hangs the imperial bell weighing over 6,000 kilos - supposedly the most powerful-sounding in Tyrol.

Power place - under the Schleierwasserfall

From the farm Köglern, in the district of Zephirau, you walk through a small piece of forest and over two bridges to reach the veil waterfall. Shortly after the second bridge, under which an idyllic forest stream ripples, the air suddenly becomes very different. A little cooler, fresher, clearer. A few meters further on, the waterfall reveals itself. On this summer day, it seems particularly powerful and strong. The water throws itself with full force loudly down the vertical wall and seems to have its fun with it.

"The rock behind the waterfall is layered like an old oak parquet floor and is about half a billion years old. The stored energy of millennia can be experienced here," enthuses Harald Kunstowny, who also likes to do physical exercises here with his geomantic groups in order to connect with the place and "make you feel" its quality and atmosphere even better, as he describes it.

"Kitzbühel has a very high life energy".

There are many other places of power in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area. Just as each of these places has certain characteristics, Kitzbühel per se has a special code: "There is a very high life energy here, as a result of which many people have professional success. Celebrities also feel comfortable in this atmosphere," says Kunstowny.  We still think Kitzbühel is certainly a wonderful place to live. This life energy can be felt every day, you just have to let it happen.  

We thank you very much for the lines and pictures which were provided to us by BEST OF THE ALPS.

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