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Listen - the sound of bells out into the world!

The Kitzbühel carillon

When you think of Kitzbühel, events such as the Hahnenkamm Race, the Snow Polo World Cup or the ATP tennis tournament come to mind. But the Gamsstadt has much more to offer, if you only listen more closely. Here you can learn more about the Kitzbühel carillon.

Feder geschriebene Seite

The lovely sounds of the Kitzbühel carillon

One or the other has surely noticed it before, this short and yet catchy melody. It is the carillon of the Katharinen church. Since 1950, it has been ringing twice a day, at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., in downtown Kitzbühel. With a lovely sound, it thus revives a part of history day after day.

Dächer von Kitzbühel im Schnee

The Katharinen Kirche

The church was built in high Gothic architecture between 1360 and 1365 and thus dates back to the founding period of Kitzbühel. Originally, the church served as a town and fire watch tower, which is why the tower also has windows facing every direction. Later, however, in times of war and epidemics, the Katharinen Kirche provided shelter and was used by the town's residents as a place of worship. Today, the Katharinen Kirche, especially its tower, fulfills its purpose more as a place of retreat. There you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the tranquility that reigns there.

Tasten für die Orgel

68 years carillon

For almost 70 years now, the carillon created by Prof. Maria Hofer and Sebastian Seissl has been sounding. It is played again and again to send a kind of reminder to the inhabitants and guests to remember the victims of the 2nd World War.

Verschiedenen Glocken

Bells sound out into the world

Anyone who spends more time in Kitzbühel and listens attentively to the carillon will also notice that the melodies change with the change of seasons. Over time, these have not changed significantly. After all, the carillon consists of only 18 bells and is therefore somewhat limited in its variety of tones. Typical songs that are played are for example "Alle Vöglein sind schon da" or "Guter Mond du gehst so stille". Today, Rosemarie Sathrum-Gasteiger, a former student of Maria Hofer, is responsible for these wonderful sounds.

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