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#LocalHeroes | Chimney Sweep Florian - The Good Luck Charm for the New Year

Chimney Sweep Florian - The Good Luck Charm for the New Year

The Huber family from Kitzbühel has been responsible for the chimneys in Kitzbühel, Aurach, and Jochberg for five generations.

Chimney Sweep Master in the 5th Generation

In 1891, Friedrich Huber received the authorization to clean chimneys and fireplaces, laying the foundation for the generations to come. The family business in Kitzbühel's Ehrenbachgasse is responsible for the chimney sweep district of Kitzbühel, Aurach, and Jochberg.

Florian Huber is now a 5th-generation chimney sweep master. Florian completed his master's examination in 2001 after his apprenticeship as a chimney sweep in the family business. Since 2019, Florian has been responsible for the company's affairs.

The Profession of a Chimney Sweep

The profession of a chimney sweep dates back to the Middle Ages and initially was a so-called itinerant trade. In the beginning, wooden chimneys were mostly swept by Italians and Swiss. In 1512, Emperor Maximilian stipulated that chimney sweeps would be assigned their own districts and be responsible for the regular cleaning of wooden chimneys. From that point on, chimney sweeps became established in the designated districts.

The workwear of a chimney sweep must be soot-, oil soot-, acid-, and weather-resistant, but at the same time light and robust. In the past, the work clothing was handcrafted from deer leather. Nowadays, chimney sweeps can be seen in functional work clothing. The golden buttons are adorned with the emblem of the patron saint of chimney sweeps, Saint Florian. It is even believed that turning the golden buttons brings luck.

Chimney Sweeps in the Valley and on the Mountain

The scheduled appointments of chimney sweeps take them not only to every household and business in the valley but also to the mountains. In the summer, they travel from hut to hut or inn to inn by car. In the winter, it is something truly special when chimney sweeps are skiing on the mountain with their tools.

However, chimney sweeps are not only responsible for sweeping and cleaning chimneys. Chimney Sweep Master Florian Huber also offers his customers chimney construction, chimney renovation, and stove building services. Here, everything is in the hands of a master.

#LocalHeroes from Kitzbühel

It is the people who make Kitzbühel and its holiday villages Reith, Aurach and Jochberg this special. These are exactly the personalities we are talking about in our "LocalHeroes" series, in which the true heroes of our region are put in the spotlight. They would never call themselves heroes, but they are: Because it is only due to their passion for what they do that we can all experience the unique Kitzbühel attitude to life.

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