30.06.2020 | #LocalHeroes

#LocalHeroes | Markus – Young hotelier and nature boy with passion

Markus, nature boy and young hotelier with passion – how to bring guests and locals together …

Markus - young hotelier & nature boy

Markus is 34 years old and is now the 8th generation boss of the Hotel Tiefenbrunner. For him it was already clear before the tourism school: “I’m going to join the hotel”. The history of the hotel goes back a long way, the house has been around for over 700 years and has been family-owned for 200 years. Despite the modern furnishings, the ancestors are omnipresent in the house. The hotel tradition is close to the heart of the young hotelier.

Being a host is an exciting challenge without boredom

Managing a business is like managing a family

The most important thing for him is that the guests leave the hotel or restaurant with a smile. He enjoys being a host and satisfying people, and he also likes to see his employees enjoy their work. Seems to work well, many of them have been working at Hotel Tiefenbrunner for many years.

For me, regionality means that you also go into the forest or pick the elder from the tree yourself

When Markus is not to be found in the hotel, he is either on the road with his bike or his beloved Vespa. The main thing is to be in nature. Uphill at the Kitzbüheler Horn or also downhill on the bike trail Hahnenkamm. Absolute favourite activity is to look for mushrooms and no, he did not tell us his places. These remain secret, the mushrooms are then cooked in the new kitchen and served in the restaurant.

Elder punch after grandma's recipe

7 l water
1/4 l white wine vinegar
1/2 kg sugar
14 elder flowers
2 lemons in slices

Leave to stand for 24 hours and then strain. Please do not store in tightly closed containers could explode…

The elder grows in the idyllic garden right next to the hotel. An absolute feel-good place for guests and friends in the middle of the city. The Kneipp basin provides fresh legs after the hike.

The certified hiking host is very happy to give hiking tips to his guests: “Better to start out easy and increase a little every day. I’m always happy when guests accompany me on a hike, such as my favourite route through the Bichlach area,” Markus tells us.

“Of course I want to make a difference in the next few years” – a few news are already planned for the coming summer season, such as from the city centre to the mountain pasture . An alpine pasture hike with overnight stay or wine tasting in the historic ice cellar, this cellar still belongs to the old city walls. There is a lot of history to see and experience in the Hotel Tiefenbrunner. We are happy if the stories do not run out and young, motivated people tell them.

#LocalHeroes from Kitzbühel

People are behind all the special moments in Kitzbühel and its holiday villages of Reith, Aurach and Jochberg. Such personalities are the focus of our “Local Heroes” series, in which we turn the spotlight on the true heroes of our region. Though these courageous individuals probably don’t consider themselves to be heroic, in our eyes they are. After all, their passion contributes to Kitzbühel’s unique way of life.

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