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10.10.2022 | Lifestyle

Tips for the perfect autumn day in Kitzbühel

Colorful autumn days

The snow-covered Hahnenkamm, the deeply snow-covered city center and the Schwarzsee covered in ice. Images that have created awareness in travel magazines and on the Internet and made the name Kitzbühel a famous one. A name that is primarily associated with superlative winter sports. But the winter idyll is only one of four magical seasons that characterize the Gamsstadt. 


If you want to enjoy the peace and quiet, you will fall in love with Kitzbühel's autumn. Pure magic: when the mist settles like a mystical blanket over the Schwarzsee in the morning, the peak of the Kitzbüheler Horn rises out of dense clouds and variegated foliage makes for beautiful colorfulness, Kitzbühel is more beautiful than ever. A little quieter, a little more personal and certainly a lot more colorful than in winter. 

Here are a few tips for the perfect autumn day in Kitzbühel:

See mit Bergpanorama
Bretterl Jausen

A little tip

If you come to Kitzbühel and want to enjoy the full culinary program, you shouldn't be on a diet. Although there are countless healthy alternatives to schnitzel, dumplings and the like, it is simply part of the Tyrolean way of life not to take it too seriously with the calories. If you want a rustic Tyrolean experience, don't miss the Huberbräu-Stüberl. If you like Italian, the crispy pizzas of the Centro will convince you, and if you want to be spoiled by the freshest lobster and other maritime delicacies, the 1st Lobster in the Gries is just right. Afterwards, perhaps into the nightlife, for a drink in a small pub like Flannigan's, here you can play a round of pool to good music. In pleasant pubs like the Glockenspiel you can end the evening.


Hahnenkamm Panorama

Simply be enchanted

After this program, even the most active autumn lovers should fall into bed dead tired. Kitzbühel is an incredibly versatile destination for people of all ages and interests. Let the colorful autumn of the Gamsstadt enchant you and look forward to countless wow and goosebump moments. Before the last leaf has fallen to the ground, the first snowflakes are already twitching on the Hahnenkamm and the first skiers are shouldering their boards. Therefore, make your way to Kitzbühel - because the moments of pleasure in autumn are of a temporary nature.

Paragleiter über Kitzbühel

Let's continue with a dose of action

If you're into adrenaline rushes and love thrills, you should definitely stop by the element3 office. Element3 is a ski school in winter and in summer the competent and open-minded team offers adventures of all kinds: paragliding over the roofs of Kitzbühel, Segway tours, canyoning and many other activities reveal Kitzbühel's adventure side to you. The climbing hall in the sports park also offers the opportunity to really work out.


Berggipfel im Sonnenuntergang

Enjoy the sunset

No matter from where you watch the sunset in the Alps - it always offers a natural spectacle of the extra class. But on the mountains you experience the mood even more intense. However, you don't necessarily have to tie your mountain boots again to catch a beautiful sunset. How about an aperitif in the Kitz'n'Bar - a covered roof terrace with a top view over Kitz?

Moosbeerschmarrn in Pfanne

Let the soul dangle

It's not good to exercise or be active on a full stomach. So how about a wellness afternoon? In addition to the indoor swimming pool Aquarena, which invites you to relax with slides, a sports pool and family-friendly pools, you can also use the doors of various wellness areas. The SPA areas in various hotels also invite you to relax. Simply let your soul dangle!

Frau beim Flanieren in Kitzbühel

Gather calories

Sightseeing makes you tired. Especially when the city's cultural treasures are so varied. Time for a snack. There is no shortage of snacks for in between, coffee specialties or sweet delicacies. On every corner you will find small bakeries, nice cafés and restaurants. If you love burgers or are into fresh and vital delicacies, you should not under any circumstances give Simple Food in Gries a wide berth. Just a few steps from the pedestrian zone, the small restaurant offers everything a foodie's heart desires. Bastians offers freshly baked bread and homemade spreads, plus fine coffee specialties in the middle of the city at Pano, and Schatzi is also a great place to relax. The pink café with a romantic back garden, somewhat hidden in the lower Gänsbachgasse, provides pleasant hours with cake, coffee and many other delicacies.

Eingangsschild Museum

Pure culture

After sports sessions, some delicacies and even more breathtaking views, the historic city center awaits you. Stroll through the small but fine pedestrian zone in the heart of Kitzbühel, stroll through the stores and buy souvenirs for your loved ones at home. The church, located on a small hill in the middle of town, is also worth a visit. The late Gothic-Baroque building invites you to dive into earlier centuries. Ceiling frescoes, a pompous altar and impressive paintings can be admired by believers and non-believers alike. Culture lovers will also find all kinds of material to quench their interest and thirst for knowledge at the Kitzbühel Museum. The history of the town is vividly told, and the works of the famous Kitzbühel painter Alfons Walde are also on display there.

Schwarzsee bei Kitzbühel

Breakfast above the clouds

What would be a perfect day in Kitzbühel without not going up the mountain? If you still have enough energy after the walk to go for a hike, you can go to the Seidlalm. The hike takes between 40 minutes and an hour. The more leisurely option is to take the gondola or cab. Arrived at the Seidlalm, all kinds of Tyrolean delicacies await you in the cozy hut. From the alpine pasture, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the autumnal Gamsstadt. A breakfast with a view. If you start the descent on foot, you will pass the idyllic Seidlalmsee, which is nestled between high mountains and offers a view of the majestic Wilder Kaiser, a popular photo backdrop. You can also visit sections of the legendary Streif. You can get an idea of the steep and extreme slopes the best skiers have to master to win the most difficult ski race in the world, the Hahnenkamm race.

Herbstlandschaft mit See

The early bird catches the worm...

...the early bird catches the most picturesque scenes at Schwarzsee. Because in the morning hours, the moor lake offers a scenery that is unique and spectacular even for the locals who are usually so spoiled by beautiful landscapes. On many autumn days, in fact, Schwarzsee is shrouded in a layer of fog, offering a mystical atmosphere to walkers, morning sports enthusiasts and dog owners. If you take a stroll through the colorful foliage, through small sections of forest, you will spend a maximum of 25-40 minutes, depending on your speed - depending on how often you stop and marvel at the incredible scenery, snap photos and let the silence take over.


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