Vertical Up Kitzbühel

Hahnenkamm,  Kitzbühel

The legendary sports town of Kitzbühel is home / adopted home / training center and resort for many athletes: skiers, cross-country skiers, triathletes, runners, mountain bikers, road cyclists, tourers, mountaineers and many more. - but which athletes are the most legendary and the fastest at STREIF VERTICAL UP? Kitzbühel also captivates with its breathtaking mountains and fantastic nature. The volunteer organizing team of the Vertical Up has set itself the goal to work for the environment and sustainability of the event.

The goal of STREIF VERTICAL UP is to conquer the original Streif course with 3.312 km and 860 vertical meters vertically as fast as possible.

The highlight of the whole story are the rules - there are none!

Free choice of material as long as everything is driven by own power (no engine) and free choice of route on the Streif (speed class) or also on the Family Streif (backpack class).

Vertical Up Kitzbühel

6370 Kitzbühel

Weitere Events

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Sun. 25.02.2024

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Live DJ music

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Piano music

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Copper Bar

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Mon. 26.02.2024

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Free guided walking tours

Mon. 26.02.2024
Kitzbühel und Umgebung

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Special exhibition

Thu. 29.02.2024
Museum Kitzbühel

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traditional theatre

Thu. 29.02.2024

Emma kann ihren zukünftigen Schwiegersohn nicht besonders gut leiden....

DJ Manila Vice

Thu. 29.02.2024
The Golden

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Special Night - Traditional costume night

Fri. 01.03.2024

6.15 pm: Aperitif, served with warmth and hospitality 7.00 pm: Culinary...

KC750 - Open Mic & Karaoke

Fri. 01.03.2024

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