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Even when on holiday, situations may occur when parents are unable to take care of their children for one reason or another. In these cases, you can rely on the services provided by our competent partners, who offer loving, patient and individual care for your little ones.

Don't let them get you down. Be cheeky and wild and wonderful!

Astrid Lindgren


We cater to every child and orientate ourselves on their strengths and needs. We encourage the children to express their ideas, wishes, feelings and fears and to live them out, but above all to learn to share them with others.

Our babysitting service – your child can be looked after spontaneously in a group or by a babysitter who comes to your home or hotel. Our offer for celebrations – If you are celebrating a wedding, a birthday or a baptism and need care for your children, we will come to you with toys and handicraft utensils and ensure that your children can enjoy the day.

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Holidays in Kitzbühel

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