Here you can find accommodation for your next sustainable trip that places particular emphasis on ecology and sustainability. The selection of hotels displayed is based on twelve sustainability criteria defined by Kitzbühel Tourismus. These include the availability of organic food and organic textiles, an e-charging station, green electricity and a solar power system. In addition, any seals or certificates such as the EU Ecolabel or Green Sign that the accommodation has are listed.

What makes Kitzbühel accommodations sustainable

Family-run businesses in the 5th generation
Regional food offer
Friendly and inclusive
Embedded in nature
Natural materials

Nature-friendly, fair and beautiful

Discover the exquisite selection of sustainable accommodation

The best offers in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area

Environmentally conscious

Tips for more sustainability while travelling

Shop locally

Buy regional organic food from the farm during your holiday. Here is a small selection of farm shops in Kitzbüel and the surrounding area: 

UNSERE KISTE - Self-service farm shop 

Köglern Farm shop - eggs and milk

Niedernberg Farm shop - cheese, yoghurt, butter, fruit brandies and apple juice

Jochberg farm shop - alpaca products and regional specialities

Achorner farm shop - organic beekeeping Achorner - own honey specialities and also honey

You can find more farm shops and restaurants here.

Compensate CO2 emissions

EU citizens caused an average of around 7.4 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions per capita per year in 2024 (source: UBA).

Travelling is particularly significant, and although not all emissions can be avoided, you can contribute to the global sustainability if you calculate and compensate the emissions (for example, using the myclimate tool) and support reputable climate protection projects. Get active, calculate and support now.

Green mobility in Kitzbühel

Environmentally friendly journey to Kitzbühel

For all those who appreciate a comfortable way of travelling, the train offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the car. Whether travelling from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy or Belgium: Train journeys are often inexpensive and the relaxation usually begins as soon as you board the train.

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e-charging stations in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area

Here you will find all the latest information on e-fuelling stations in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area.

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Car-free in Kitzbühel

In Kitzbühel, the car becomes superfluous - many things are within walking distance and local mobility is taken care of. A dense network of regional buses is available in the region.

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eBikes, rent bikes instead of buying

Renting bikes instead of buying them: That's the current trend. These bike hire shops focus on the hire of e-mountain bikes, e-trekking bikes and racing bikes for speed fans - for adults and children.

For all those who want to explore the area on an e-bike without spending a few thousand euros, bike hire or a bike subscription makes perfect sense.

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