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Innovative forms of organization at Kitzbühel Tourism

02.05.2022 / After a year of internal structuring measures, a new matrix organization including agile teams was presented at the first Team Day of the year. The honoring of twelve long-standing and loyal employees rounded off the meeting at the Kaiserhof.

Quality is and remains the best business plan - what is applied as a benchmark for the New Premium success pattern in the branding process applies equally to personnel management at Kitzbühel Tourism. At the latest since the COVID19 pandemic, new, flexible forms of organization are a must, because the demands on human resources are constantly increasing. For this reason, among others, Kitzbühel Tourism has decided to restructure away from the classic, hierarchically organized organizational chart towards a matrix organization and agile teams. This is intended to strengthen the individual responsibility of the team leads and to advance projects across departments and in terms of quality. "Agile teams are the core element of a self-organized way of working," explains Dr. Viktoria Veider-Walser, Managing Director of Kitzbühel Tourism. "They act largely autonomously and bring together colleagues with different areas of expertise to work together on a product. In this way, we use all the skills at our disposal to strengthen the Kitzbühel brand even further."

Successful team day at Hotel Kaiserhof
The first internal team day of the year focused in particular on the individual departments' understanding of each other. Using the World Café principle, all colleagues got to talk to each other and were able to discuss their work intensively in small groups. An informative lunch in the Kaiserhof restaurant was followed by various feedback rounds, which clearly showed the recognition and appreciation of the employees for each other. "It was important to us to be able to hold a team day on site again after such a long period of restrictions," says Mag. Stefan Pühringer, Deputy Managing Director of Kitzbühel Tourism. "The numerous positive feedbacks have shown us that events like this are essential for cohesion and mutual understanding."

Numerous honors for loyal service to Kitzbühel Tourism
The highlight of the team day was the numerous honors for long-serving employees. A total of twelve employees were honored for their loyal service to Kitzbühel Tourism - they not only work at Kitzbühel Tourism, but are an integral part of the company and ensure our premium standards for guests and businesses. The management thanked each and every one of them for their tireless efforts and loyalty.

15 years of service
:: Bettina Wiedmayr, Management Assistance
:: Burgi Leithner, Human Resources
:: Helga Hauser, Dispatch Department
:: Bernd Brandstätter, Head of Infrastructure | Hikes
:: Walter Gintsberger, Building yard

20 years of service
:: Michaela Massing, Management Assistance
:: Hannes Greiderer, Deputy Head of Building Yard

25 years of service
:: Sabine Gintsberger, Incoming
:: Verena Ferrandes, Service Center Management
:: Gerhard Hirschbichler, Head of Building Yard

30 years of service
:: Brigitte Putzhuber, Golf Course

35 years with the company
:: Nicoletta Plumm, regular guests club

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