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Kitzbühel 365 awarded again

23.05.2022 / At the 30th International Business Film Festival in Vienna, the image film "Kitzbühel 365 - New Worlds, New Cosms, New Wonders" was awarded the Silver Victoria in the category of tourism films.

Even though the main work of tourism associations lies in advertising, there is usually little coverage of it. This is not the case with Kitzbühel Tourism, where the innovative communication strategy has been continuously honored with top-class awards for several years. Both the unconventionally designed image film Kitzbühel 365, the social media campaign #LocalHeroes and the advertising activities in the focus markets have graced numerous awards.

Kitzbühel Tourism Managing Director Dr. Viktoria Veider-Walser is delighted about the new addition with the same name for this selected heart project: "It is an extraordinary honor for us that our communication activities have received multiple awards worldwide. These awards confirm our partly in tourism unconventional storytelling approach on value level and reflect the high quality standards of our work."

All information about Kitzbühel can be found at www.kitzbuehel.com.

Press inquiries: Mag. (FH) Anna Lena Obermoser, MA
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