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Kitzbühel Tourism presents first Insta Novels

For the fifth edition, Kitzbühel Tourism presents an innovative extension - the magazine's stories are made available for consumption on social channels in short and crisp Insta Novels.

Kitzbühel Magazine

Kitzbühel Tourism has been digitizing its brochures since 2019. With the exception of the hiking maps, all printed materials are available and adapted digitally. The tour portal is also a digital companion for hiking, providing up-to-date information on everything from public transport and route descriptions to hut stops and any trail closures. To reflect the value of printed material, the Kitzbühel Magazine is produced every six months in a small but fine print run. Editorial director Sascha Reitsma and the Streifzug Media team look for the most interesting stories at any time of year, the content of which is also new to some locals.

Insta Novels

The trend towards digital consumption of content is now also being taken into account with Kitzbühel Magazine. While the stories have been available as a blog since the beginning, there are now Insta Novels as a digital extension based on the New York Public Library, which presents its most popular works as short stories on Instagram and has gained a whole new fan base as a result. "We have been thinking for some time about how we can make the great stories from the magazine attractive to a digital target group. The idea of the Insta Novels was developed in cooperation with Peter Becke and we are looking forward to the reactions of the community," says Dr. Viktoria Veider-Walser, Managing Director of Kitzbühel Tourism.

#wirsindKitzbühel with exciting content

What keeps Didier Cuche and Kristian Ghedina busy while skiing on the Streif? The splendor, decline and rebirth of the Grand Hotel, summer vibes in winter on Hochkitzbühel, a tour of the numerous galleries and culinary temptations par excellence can be found in the current issue of the Kitzbühel Magazine, which is available from Kitzbühel Tourismus and is intended to serve as a guide for the businesses for their guests.

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