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Kitzbühel Tourism supports sustainable initiatives from the region

25.04.2022 / The Rotary Club of Kitzbühel is part of the international initiative "End Plastic Soup" and has set itself the goal of ridding the oceans of plastic waste. Together with twelve partners from the region, including Kitzbühel Tourism, bags made of recycled PET bottles were produced for this purpose to draw attention to plastic pollution.

Sustainable tourism is the future of vacation. "By using resources wisely, we are sending an important signal in terms of sustainability and taking responsibility for our environment," says Viktoria Veider-Walser, Managing Director of Kitzbühel Tourism. "With the joint project of the Rotary Club Kitzbühel, we create awareness for a respectful approach to nature and position ourselves even more strongly as a sustainable tourism destination."

Individual Kitzbühel Tourism reusable bag
The 36-liter reusable bag is made exclusively from recycled PET bottles, which were shredded and then melted together to create a new product. The coating on both sides and the robust processing contribute significantly to the longevity of the bag. This recycling process removes material from the waste cycle twice over: firstly, by reprocessing the plastic bottles and secondly, by reusing the carrier bag several times over. Together with twelve regional partners - including Kitzbühel Tourism - the Rotary Club of Kitzbühel has produced around 10,000 recycled bags. The cost per bag is EUR 5,- each and can be purchased from the Rotary Club. The proceeds go to the social fund of the Rotary Club of Kitzbühel. As one of the twelve sponsors, Kitzbühel Tourism supports the bag production with its own motif, which can also be purchased through the Kitzshop. The proceeds are invested in full in sustainability initiatives and thus benefit the environment twice over.

Comprehensive environmental initiative against plastic waste
As part of the environmental initiative, the Rotary Club of Kitzbühel also supports educational projects at schools, which are designed to sensitize children to the use of valuable resources. In order to take even more responsibility for the environment, high-quality reusable drinking bottles made of stainless steel were also produced, which are an optimal alternative to the use of disposable bottles. Every bottle sold also pays into the club's social fund.

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