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#wirsindKitzbühel | The branding process bears first fruits

13.07.2022 / Kitzbühel Tourism is taking a completely new approach to strategic destination development. After a comprehensive evaluation of the status quo with more than 1,200 respondents, a common vision of the future was developed with the involvement of all those interested in the living space, i.e. locals, secondary locals, entrepreneurs and employees. This provides the framework for the evaluation and implementation of new projects. For the first time, the population decides directly on the future development of tourism.

Where should Kitzbühel as a tourist destination develop? Kitzbühel Tourism asked itself this question together with 70 Kitzbühel residents from the most diverse areas of interest. A completely new approach that received a lot of encouragement. The success patterns that emerged from the numerous discussions and workshops serve as a concrete work assignment that is now being followed up in small groups.

Joint project update

At a joint exchange at the beginning of July, the working groups presented the projects they had developed and exchanged views on concrete implementation options. The working group leaders of the resulting success patterns also explained once again what they would like to focus on in the short and medium term.

The project ideas ranged from major investment projects over several years to quick wins that can already be implemented in the coming weeks and months. This is also the case in the Culinary Delights area. "The goal is to further develop Kitzbühel in culinary terms. The focus here is above all on cohesion in the region, with regional producers, with us restaurateurs and hoteliers," says working group leader Jürgen Kleinhappl.

Outdoor Active - the movement in free nature - has planned itself with leader Christian Wörister much: "In the working group Outdoor Active it is important to us to develop the infrastructure further and to create common offers with the enterprises, which are as easy and simple as possible to book".

A new path is to be taken in the processing of the MICE segment, which plays an important role especially in the low season. "Inspiring Networks is to become synonymous with Kitzbühel - a place where ideas and doers can find each other, exchange ideas and help shape the future," says working group leader Johannes Lehberger, who is convinced of this pattern of success.

In addition to a logical further development of existing services, which have shaped Kitzbühel's identity for years, the vision for the future has also committed itself to future trends. With Workation - which are new forms of work organization - Kitzbühel should open up new target groups in the medium term. "If you want to achieve something new, you have to tread unknown paths. Relying on the Workation trend is certainly a bold, unknown path, but one with great opportunities. Success will depend on the quality of implementation - it needs quick wins, but also a lighthouse project with charisma and a follow-up effect," Thomas Hechenberger is convinced of the potential of this success pattern.

#wirsindKitzbühel comes to implementation

Particularly noteworthy: Some teams have already been able to come up with initial results. This is also the case of the Internal Anchoring working group, which deals with the communication of the entire branding process. With the design of its own website, a pocket-sized leaflet with all the necessary information for on the road and a specially created video clip, #wirsindKitzbühel is to be brought closer to all interested parties. "It is very important to us that everyone interested can participate in #wirsindKitzbühel and find out about our progress," says project manager Bettina Wiedmayr. The Internal Anchorage team provides support via its own mail address for questions, collects ideas and encourages participation.

Outdoor Active is also already launching initiatives in the area of running and trail running this summer. A movement data system is also being installed to provide information on the areas where action is needed to steer hikers and bikers. The dedicated small group of Culinary Delights is busy creating a typical Kitzbühel signature dish. They are also already working on the expansion of KITZ Culinary Delights x Piedmont in mid-October. For Inspiring Networks, the top priority is the successful networking of the MICE working group, which has already been in existence for several years. In the KIT x START.N project, which is already being implemented, a fully equipped office space is being designed at the Workation success model in cooperation with Kitzbühel Tourism in the newly opened start-up center, which can be rented by guests and members on a daily basis.

Kitzbühel Tourism Managing Director Dr. Viktoria Veider-Walser is full of beans: "We have invested over a year in strategic alignment. The many discussions and workshops are now paying off. #wirsindKitzbühel stands on broad legs, the success patterns experience universal acceptance. Now we are starting to shape it in concrete terms. That's motivating, as is the palpable commitment and heart and soul of all the participants."

What's next?

After the presentation of possible projects, the next step is the implementation phase. For this purpose, the supervisory board of Kitzbühel Tourism has approved its own start-up budget for the coming years. The investment projects independently developed by the working groups will be presented to the Supervisory Board in September with the necessary parameters such as the specific business model, financing and participation options, responsibilities and accountability of the project as well as timing.

Supervisory Board Chairwoman Katrin Schlechter is convinced of #wirsindKitzbühel: "Tourism is a central pillar of value creation in our region and shapes our living space. It was therefore important to the supervisory board of Kitzbühel Tourism that all interested parties in the living space can participate in the future development of tourism and consequently also support it. As a sign of appreciation for the numerous volunteer hours and the ideas that have arisen from them, we have unanimously decided to provide a start-up budget for the implementation of concrete project ideas."

Everyone in the living space of Kitzbühel, Reith, Aurach and Jochberg is invited to participate in #wirsindKitzbühel as part of the working groups. If interested, the team around project manager Bettina Wiedmayr is available at for further information. Franziska Reisch, who as a representative of the Next Generation is particularly involved in the Culinary Delights working group, also appreciates this: "#wirsindKitzbühel offers everyone the chance to help shape the future of the Kitzbühel region."

All information on the #wirsindKitzbühel branding process initiated by Kitzbühel Tourism can be found at

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