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#wirsindKitzbühel | The five success patterns of the future image

11.07.2022 / Kitzbühel Tourism is taking a completely new approach to strategic destination development. After a comprehensive evaluation of the status quo with over 1,200 respondents, a common vision of the future was developed with the involvement of all those interested in the living space, i.e. locals, secondary locals, entrepreneurs and employees. This provides the framework for the evaluation and implementation of new projects. For the first time, the population decides directly on the future development of tourism.

What is special about the result is that the interests of all were taken into account and that tourism development is no longer seen in isolation, but within the framework of the entire living space. The resulting five success patterns - Outdoor Active, Culinary Delights, Inspiring Networks, Workation and New Premium - are not a classic marketing measure, but a work assignment that is now being fulfilled in small groups by means of concrete project implementations.

Workation success model

The demand for new forms of work organization has been growing rapidly since the pandemic and holds enormous potential for so-called "workation", as the areas of work, home and leisure are increasingly merging. But what is behind this trend? Many corporations are breaking new ground in recruiting - there it is common practice for employees to be able to choose their own place of work permanently or for certain periods of time. On the one hand, this can be organized directly through the companies or booked individually. The Gamsstadt is also relying on the workation trend in the development of Kitzbühel's new image of the future, on which around 70 Kitzbühel residents have been working together on a voluntary basis since last year - with the major aim of providing high-quality office locations for meetings or work phases. By establishing a clear, differentiating positioning, the aim here is to address new target groups and at the same time extend the average length of stay.

In addition to high-quality infrastructure in an easily accessible yet special location, the services provided by local partners play a key role. Simple handling of a Workation stay as well as a high-quality supporting program with sporting activities are decisive for bookings.

Workation objectives

The Workation working group is now working on identifying the existing potential and creating concrete, bookable products.

Working group leader Thomas Hechenberger is very committed to this area: "If you want to achieve something new, you have to tread unknown paths. Relying on the workation trend is certainly a bold, unknown path, but one with great opportunities. Success will depend on the quality of implementation - it needs quick wins, but also a lighthouse project with charisma and follow-up impact."

Further steps

At a joint meeting in early July, the teams presented the projects they had developed to each other. Step 3 now involves concrete implementation, for which the supervisory board of Kitzbühel Tourism has approved a separate start-up budget for the coming years. The projects worked out independently by the working groups are presented to the supervisory board with the necessary parameters such as business model and financing, opportunities for participation, responsibility and timing.

Everyone in the living space of Kitzbühel, Reith, Aurach and Jochberg is invited to participate in #wirsindKitzbühel as part of the working groups. If you are interested, the team around project manager Bettina Wiedmayr will be happy to provide further information at

All information about the branding process #wirsindKitzbühel initiated by Kitzbühel Tourism can be found under

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