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Pampering treatment for your feet, for a walk on clouds. In a friendly atmosphere, I offer you complete foot care. Among other things, I offer medical foot care, classic foot care, foot care for diabetics, foot reflexology and hand care.

Additional and New:

Conversiology: Health is visible:
Feet store and visibly record both personal development (character, behavioural patterns, stresses, etc. ) and organic (organs, flow forces, supply pathways). That is why feet look different every day, change in the course of life and make both inner strengths and deficits readable. This principle is similar to that of a tree trunk, whose annual rings show the "good and bad times" forever.

What is behind the zones of interpretation?
The shapes, colours and lines of the feet form the interpretive zones discovered and developed by Karin Mayr. These are not only decisive for the appearance of the foot and its changes, they also clearly show the constitution as well as the current and long-term physical and emotional condition. The initial analysis: I determine the basic constitution and how it is lived. In case of deviations, all 5 optimisation recommendations suitable for everyday life are worked out.

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