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Cullek Thomas

Mobile massage service, simply relaxed! As a mobile masseur, I am also happy to come to your home, hotel room or workplace.

I also offer a wide range of massages:

Classic massage:

Partial full body treatments - This treatment is used to relax, loosen and stretch muscle tissue.

Lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder:

Gentle massage, during which the tissue fluid is better removed, is used for drainage, decongestion and purification, as well as swelling and water accumulation in the tissues. Supportive during purification cures or therapeutic fasting.

Foot reflexology:

By treating the reflex zones, one promotes blood circulation, releases blockages and congestion, tension states are reduced. Has a stimulating and calming effect.

Sports massage:

Sports massage, as well as the application of functional adhesive bandages (tape), serves amateur and professional athletes during training and after competition.

Pfarrau 20
6370 Kitzbühel

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